Thursday, May 6, 2010

Big Boy's Bedroom - Complete!

By now I must have posted at least a hundred pictures of this room, but here it is again, job done. What a fun room this has been to work on, made even better by an appreciative "client".

The project needed to stick to a pretty slim budget and Ikea was offering up some great solutions. This gave me an idea for a challenge: design the space using Ikea products whenever possible, with the goal of creating a high end look. It was a fun challenge which I think was pretty successful!

If I were to match a vehicle to this room, it would be the Land Rover parked down the street! Apparently it has driven the world.

On the days something new got done in the room I had a lot of fun announcing this news to Max, as he got off the bus. Once home, we'd all run upstairs to take a look. He always had something great to say about the various additions. He simply loved my working on his room! Thanks Max, it was a pleasure.


Chalkboard Paint: Benjamin Moore
Wall Paint: Sherwin Williams 6142 Macademia
Bedding and Pillows: Ikea
Drapes: Ikea
Desk: Ikea, Leksvik Desk
Chair: Ikea, Nordmyra Chair
Ceiling Fixture: Ikea, Large Melodi Pendant Light
Fabric on Lampshades: Ikea, Patricia Fabric (no longer found on website)
Chalk Bowl: Ikea, Djarv Plant Bowl
Lamps: TJ Maxx
Headboards: Crate & Barrel, a few years ago
Chairs: Vintage, recovered with fabric from JoAnn Fabrics
Globe: Target World Market (an event that seems to have gone missing)
Day of The Dead Art: Mexico
Dresser: San Francisco Garage Sale


  1. I have so enjoyed this transformation! Very inspiring!

  2. Sooo cute like the owner!

    Have you got your dress yet? hope so...

  3. I love this room! I have two toddler boys, so this really appeals to me. Anyway, it's playful, yet very chic and not too over-the-top with the theme. Wonderful job!

  4. Yay for having a plan and sticking to it! I love the direction you went in with this space! This is truly a space that he will not outgrow anytime soon!

    I hope you're enjoying your room Max! It turned out great!

    Love the rug and the chairs;)

  5. Awesome, fantastic, fabulous... Fun, yet sophisticated. If I had a little boy I would definitely copy. :-)

  6. That's the coolest room I've ever seen!

  7. Even though I have seen this room in it's many incarnations...this final pot was so sweet! Love that he hopped off of the bus in anticipation!

    Also LOVE the land rover....My younger bro has one that has also traversed this planet, and looks much like that...only his is green.

    Great job...and Max...Your Mama is the bomb!!

  8. Janell this is awesome!! My favorite part is still the ceiling --it's the little things that get me! :) I bet he is having a blast in here!!

  9. Janell, it's just perfect. By the way, how did he like the compass on the ceiling? I imagine he thought it was awesome!

  10. I love all the chalkboards~ very creative and really fun! What a great idea... especially the lamps!


  11. You did a great job, Janell! You've proven you can get a wonderful look on a budget. It's always nice to have an appreciative "client", too!

  12. What a great space! So many good ideas. I'm going to have to read back to see what tricks and ideas I've missed.

  13. Congratulations...I think I've missed the ceiling on your previous post! very nice!
    you're so artistic!

  14. I was hoping you'd do a reveal post. What a great room - thanks for sharing the progress. You're inspirational.

  15. This has turned out incredibly well!
    Fit for a prince and yet perfect for a little boy.
    I love the muted sophistication and worldliness of it.
    You're a very talented woman and a loving mom.
    Keep it up -- we love seeing how you feather your nest.

  16. Wanted to see it again...Yep, still love it!

  17. I love the stripe and wonder if you could tell me the height of the stripe, and it's placement on the wall (from the ground).

    I would love to do this in my toddler's room!

  18. So perfectly put together. I'm impressed by all of it — the use of the IKEA products, the chalkboard stripe, and those chairs. Maybe it will inspire your son to keep a tidy room (I'm telling myself this is my son's problem: his room just isn't inspiring enough. Or maybe the squalor is because he's 16).

    Anyway, one question: Do you have any problems with chalk dust falling onto those gray quilts?

  19. This is so beautiful and it has been so fun waching the transformation one step at a time. It looks very put together, yet extremely personal. My favorite part of each post was seeing what Max was drawing on his walls. I love that the chalkboard walls and lamps are something that get used, it gives the room just that much more personality. Your judicious use of Ikea mixed with other items is phenomenal--what a unique and inviting space. I'm glad Max is so appreciative, that makes all your efforts worthwhile, doesn't it?

    Well done, Janell.

  20. Holy Cow! You did it again! So tell me, how is it that you don't have your own show on HGTV yet???

  21. Very cute!! Love how you incorporated the chalkboard paint. And that rug from Ikea is my favorite.

  22. Such an amazing room Janell ! I love the balance of style with practicality and kid sensibility. Your color choices are so spectacular, cheers to you for pulling off yet another super stylish space !!!


  23. Hi Janell-
    What an amazing job you did! It is the perfect boys room and he will love it for years to come! I have really enjoyed wathcing you transform the room, you are magical :)

  24. Think Max would mind if I moved in and slept in the other bed?

  25. Fabulous! I am sure the "client" will enjoy his room for a long time!

  26. What a wonderful job you've done Janell. Can't believe you managed to complete it so quickly and inexpensively -- it truly looks high end! Max is a very lucky boy.

  27. Wow, this room is just incredible! I love everything about it. It is perfect and so unique and original! Fantastic job! Everything comes together so nicely... wow. I love it! :)

  28. You could post pictures of this room every day and I wouldn't get sick of it. I just love everything you did with it - especially the color scheme. LOVE IT!

  29. Wonderful and inspiring work! Love the chalk boards and all the maps. So masculine with a sense of playfulness and whimsy. Nice to see something so chic done on an attainable budget!

  30. really really great work, well done, stunning!!!

  31. "...pretty successful". You are far too modest, this room is AWESOME!!!
    I love that you featured my homeland of New Zealand in such a prominent place:-)
    Love your blog and am now a follower

  32. so enjoyed the process of this room. we appreciate your taking us with you along the steps of the way...great job; your little man is one lucky fella.

  33. I love it! His room is wonderful. So interesting and he'll be able to grow in it. So much love went into that room ~ it shows ~ and Max knows that too.
    Paula Grace ~

  34. Hey! I thought u were going to Chicago today??? I just have to ask. . .how many fingers do u have on each hand?? :o)

    Seriously though . . .fess up. . .if u had to do the whole slip cover project again, would u? It looked like a TON of work! I'm always comparing how much time it would take me to do something vs. working overtime at work and paying a professional to do it. I think I would have went the professional route on that part of the project. Seeing your posts has given me a new respect for upholsterers!!

  35. What a completely amazing transformation Janell! You have managed to make Ikea not look like Ikea. The room is unique and inspiring. Well done mom!

  36. This room is just filled with creativity. I hope Max is inspired to create just like his wonderful Mommy!

  37. Answers to 2 questions:

    The height of the stripe...I'm not in town but I will post this answer first of next week! This is truly a super easy project and so much fun to watch the kids be able to DRAW on the walls without getting into trouble!

    Erasing and dust: I have actually found using a hand towel to erase the walls works very well. It catches most of the dust and makes erasing the large surface easy. The towel then just gets washed from time to time...but don't expect to ever get completely clean!!

  38. Such a great room! Your boys will enjoy this for many years!

  39. I compass on the ceiling is such an amazing touch! It's all just wonderful!


    You did a phenomenal job!
    Layla :-)

  41. Finally, I measured the height of the chalkboard stripe, in this room with 8' high ceilings:

    Stripe width: 34"
    Distance from floor to bottom of stripe: 34"
    Distance from top of stripe to ceiling: 27"

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! Janell

  42. What a wonderful job you have done!
    Love it.
    So happy to have found your blog!
    I will be following :)


  43. I saw this feature of you on Nate's show and loved it! Now that I have seen all of the pictures, I must say the sleeping Max makes it even all the more special a room for a sweet little boy! From the mom of 3 (almost grown) boys, (and a princess, congrats on making it to Nate! Too cool!

  44. What an amazing space you created for your little guy. LOVE the chalkboard wall.. does it get very dusty? I was thinking of incorporating chalkboard in my sons room, but was worried about the dust.


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