Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

What could be the possible explanation for the concept behind the interior design of this ship?

I even hesitated to post such pictures on my blog. I've kept them small for just this reason, knowing if anyone really needed to see more they would know to just click on the images.

The decor even surprises Max, and if you read this you know he does not care for plain walls.

Dots and more dots with pink stained wood.

A ceiling relief that one must have realized resembled sunny side up eggs.

And many variations on the theme.

Despite the decor, we are having a fabulous time. I try to keep to the more tamely designed areas of the ship...with my sunglasses on hand at all times.


  1. wow (and not in a good way!). it takes a designer to point those things out! do you think the other passengers even notice this?! when I go to the movies, I notice the set then the acting. my friends think I'm crazy!

  2. oh yes, I've been on cruise ships and the decor DOES make you wonder...!

  3. so true! happy to hear you're enjoying yourself. just added you to my list of "on the daily" blog reads :)

  4. I sortof think over the top when I think cruise decor. Like your idea of keeping the sunglasses handy. Regardless, sounds like you are having an awesome trip....and am envious.

  5. HAHA!
    That would be a fun decorating job - decorating a cruise!

  6. What could be the possible explanation for the concept behind the interior design of this ship?... Blog fodder. That's the answer for sure!

  7. It is pretty amazing that they paid someone big bucks to do that, isn't it?? Makes you wonder, why oh why??? Enjoy the view it is so much prettier. Kathysue

  8. Ugh...well there is a LOT of bad design out there, especially in hotels (and ships, apparently!). Glad to hear you're having a great time though, Janell!

  9. Love the title of this post. Wouldn't you love to be the designer to rip that all down and start anew?! Hope you're having a great time! Marija

  10. Goodness, they were brave!

    I'm not keen on the eggs, and wouldn't want to live with any of it, but assuming these are passing-through spaces that nobody has to spend very much time with, I can think of worse things...

    At least they found a look and followed it through, yes? Unlike cowards (who, me?) who never commit to anything and compromise at every step.


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