Thursday, February 4, 2010

Home Office Redesign - Hunting For Frames

This is the start of the layout for the images and frames to be hung on the chalkboard wall.

After shopping my house I discovered two frames which will work nicely hung empty, but still need frames for a few of the images. So out I went to hunt for a collection of frames, with a list of measurements in hand. Why is it when you are looking for a very specific item that is the very thing you will not find?

"Value-Priced" translated to $50 for the frame I was interested in.

Wrong sizes...

more wrong sizes.

Wrong color. What is up with me today? Even at 50% off I could not be motivated to buy a frame that would then have to painted.

Goodwill, I just couldn't get inspired. One looked fairly promising, but with a broken corner I walked away.

Good prices, but nothing the right size. I had my tape measure to make sure.

Okay, for $22.95 I found a frame that is just right for one of the photos. At this point I was worn down and didn't care so much about the price tag. One of these left the store with me.

These...what do you think? One hanging in the group would certainly make for a fun joke on my husband.

This may take awhile. Is there a project that you are having a hard time pushing forward?


  1. Wow! No luck at all?! Have you tried Ikea? My bedroom is kicking my butt. I hung the curtains and I'm not sure I like them. I may have to try out your window treatment tutorial!

  2. I like the subway/trolley sign! The Chinese characters add a nice touch. Have you tried Ikea? I find that if I can't get the right size frame I get a custom mat cut at the local art/frame store to fit the piece to the frame. I just ordered 3 for $40. Two will fit into Ikea frames to frame my kids artwork and one for a Napoleonic war chart I bought my husband for Christmas. It might be a bit more but it gives the work a custom look. Good luck.
    I am having a hard time with my daughters' rooms. They want upholstered headboards but currently have a pine bed frame that holds their mattress. Now I have to find a boxspring, which most store don't sell on their own. I have one daughter who is 15 and is 6' tall! She could use a queen bed but her room would feel too crowded. Argh! I feel that their rooms are moving along at a snails pace.
    Good luck with your room!

  3. That's the tough thing about frames - the really good ones are the ones you just happen to find along the way over time which, of course, is never remotely close to the time you're working on a project! I'm a little on hold with my closet craft desk revamp because I want to paint the desk top but can't really sand it where it is and can't take it outside to sand and paint because it's just a tish (or a LOT) to cold and snowy! Maye end up being a spring project. :-(

  4. Ikea, yes!! This store is out of my way (out by the airport), not in the circle of stores I could quickly hit yesterday. I'm putting a trip out there on my calendar for Sunday, isn't it Superbowl Sunday? I myself would rather be shopping! Janell

  5. I think you are off to a good, but frustrating start! Anything great only comes from "hard work". I can't wait to see what you come up with! Hang in there.


  6. for your next project, try to make some layout first, scaled sketches are okay, then finalize the design can go for a custom made frames anyway. Time consuming though... but it's worth it!

  7. find just the right frame is hard when you have somthing in not that much luck.

    Right now, its hard for me to want to sit down to clean my room out so I can get started on a bedroom re-do

  8. Have you tried going with a frame that's the wrong size and having a mat cut to make up the difference?

  9. Well, this reminds me of the quote that came into my email this morning - something like "Perseverance is the hard work that you do when you're tired of all the hard work you've already done".
    I know you'll find fresh energy to make some wonderful discoveries, another day. But for today, you have my sympathy, it's so disappointing to go out hunting and return with almost nothing.
    Your wall is going to look amazing, and victory will be sweeter when you recall how these pesky frames gave you the run around ;)

  10. The room is looking great. I'm so anxious to see what it looks like all pulled together. high five !!!

  11. for me, i think the design process is a circle, rather than a line. you think you're making a progress, and you're close to a solution only to find that you want to rethink so many of the components you started with. and i think that's a good thing.

    the room is looking fabulous, and i have a feeling it's going to turn out beautifully.


    p.s. you have completely ruined my day with those lamps on the right. i am revamping my plans for the house trying to figure out where i can fit a couple of those in. LOVE.

  12. I can't wait to see the room finished! Ikea will definitely have something that can work at a great price.

  13. It's looking nice! I know it can get tiring.. but hang in there!

  14. I'm a lurker but I know what you mean, I have several projects that are on hold until I figure it out completely. I was wondering with your kitchen if you painted the cabinets or if they were replaced? I love the white cabinets and the color on the walls (is that a specific color that we might find out?) Love your sense of style!

  15. Im sorry you're having trouble finding the frames. Isn't that always the way? When you asked for 8x12 I was going to mention how hard that size is to find but then I figured you already had the frames.

  16. I seem to have the best luck at Home Goods for great finds. When re-doing a room, I rarely find what I am looking for when I look for it...wait does that make sense? Anyway, good luck, you will find the frames when you aren't looking for them!

  17. family room (really small) is driving me nuts! My husband (God bless him) got me a TV for Christmas so that I wouldn't have to suffer through NBA season but...we hit a stumbling block when we realized the wall we intended to hang it on (the only option) is, what used to be, an exterior wall (not dry wall). I'm having an impossible time with furniture too...all the arm chairs that I LOVE are too pricey. Sigh. Should have married a carpenter, lol!
    Okay, I'm done whining now, and in reality I'm very thankful that I even HAVE a house to worry about decorating! And a great husband to boot! :)

  18. I hit Michael's. I get a stash during their 40% sale. They run it a couple times a year. Still I can't believe you didn't find anything ~ sorry :(
    Paula Grace ~

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