Monday, November 30, 2009

"Happy Holidays"

"Happy Holidays"

After returning from Michael's on Black Friday, with this wonderful metallic paper, I added a little holiday cheer to the kitchen nook wall. Less than $2 and an hour of cutting and taping equals more easy decorating!

(Not the first time I've done this!)

Just a bit more decorating to go. The tree along with a tree skirt project and then I'm done. While I love the little touches of holiday decor throughout the house, I'm starting to get a little bored...wishing I was instead working on a redesign!! I'll be back to that soon!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Little Addition To The Holiday Candelabra

Early this past Black Friday morning the kids woke up to pour over the flyers in the newspaper, informing me that they wanted to go to Michael's and JoAnn Fabrics that day.


The only plans I had to participate in Black Friday was a trip to the Lego Store to take advantage of the opportunity to get 10% off gifts for Max and my nephew.

So off we went with a list drawn up by Isabella. We made it in and out of the stores in under a couple hours. Not bad! We came away with fabulous buys on decorations for the front of the house, some craft and sewing supplies, as well as this little bird.

A great little addition to the Candelabra.

Did you brave the crowds?
If so, what did you come away with that can't be found today
at the same price?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Christmas Carnival At The Shabby Chic Cottage - 24 Hours Of Giveaways!!

The Shabby Chic Cottage

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Dressing A Candelabra

This Candelabra has been following me around for over
a dozen years.

Originally black, this past summer it got in the way
of a can of Rust-Oleum's Heirloom White paint.

It's a perfect item to dress up for the holidays.

Another strand of garland from Michael's is wrapped
around the layers,
a few pine cones and golden candles are added and lit.

Instant Festivity.

This DIY Holiday Decor is attending the Inspired Room's Holiday Linky Friday!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Have A Wonderful Thanksgiving...

I am so thankful for family, friends and the opportunity
to work in a field I love.
For all of you who read this blog, thank you!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Quick Change For Holiday Cheer

To get this tray of candles and runner ready for the holidays...

a garland of silver leaves is wrapped around the candles.

Delightful pink and turquoise ornaments add cheer,

while the lit candles glow.

The colorful ornaments look wonderful with the everyday runner,
transforming it for the holidays as well.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

25% Off ANY One Stella & Dot Item! Three Days Only!

Working on your gift list yet?

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The Banister Gets The Holiday Treatment

Early this morning I asked Isabella if she would like to help me decorate the banister.


The kids are off from school for the entire week.
I thought I'd take advantage of the available labor.

First we wrapped a couple lengths of garland from Target around the banister.

Then we set out ornaments, ribbon, tape and scissors.
From this point on the only thing I did was show her
PK's tip on how to string three ornaments together.

Afterwards Isabella completed the entire job herself...
I simply watched and took pictures.

Now that is a brilliant way to get some decorating done,
the fun (and easy) way!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

A Simple Beach House

A House can become a character in your life's story. A simple beach house has been a gathering place for my family over the past twenty years. Each visit sees a slightly different cast of characters. Grandparents and parents, aunts and cousins, nephews, nieces, recently my own children and now...friends and their children.

My grandparents rented this house, which belonged to friends in their Lions Club. I now rent it from the grandchildren of those original owners. Thanks Glenna! The past weekend a group of girlfriends and I went down and were welcomed by a winter storm.

Late Saturday night the winds were the strongest I've ever experienced at this house. Sitting around talking after a night out, the entire house was being shaken by the winds coming across the ocean to find its way underneath the house. It felt like a train ride. I actually felt a bit scared knowing the waves were hitting the shore just a few yards from the house.

It is one of my favorite places to spend a bit of time, it is like an old friend. Do you have a special place where you enjoy spending time with family and friends?