Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving On To The Surrounding Areas...

Thanks for all your opinions about which light fixture you would select! I was on the verge of ordering the Riveria Iron Lantern when I read Lauren's feedback on the orange light the fixture casts. After emailing her she has offered to send a photo of this exact lantern hanging outside her front door, so hopefully I'll have a better idea if this is the one or not. Thanks Lauren!

At the rate the table and lighting choices are being made I suspect I'll be working a bit longer from the spot I'm writing this, the kitchen nook table! Oh well...

In the meantime I am moving on to the areas surrounding the future work space. When you enter the home this room is on the left with the dining room and stairwell behind it. My husband's office is to the right and the hallway to the back of the house runs directly from the entry. These spaces all need to work together, so first: the entry. It is a small space with no characteristics making it worth noticing. It needed color, and paint is cheap and easy!

For color inspiration I had been looking at the San Francisco print hung in the entry and a piece called Village by Judy Paul hanging above a console a few feet away. Both images have gorgeous grays and blues paired with oranges, suggesting to me that a grayish blue paint would work well here with the orange accents already present in the space. (The Freud Chaise Lounge and the Skylar Floor Lamp with its oversized orange shade).

I picked Sherwin-Williams 6205 Comfort Gray, love the color and the name!

Before the space just faded away.

Now the entry looks fresh with this simple pop of color, lightening and modernizing the heavy craftsman trim. With my eye now being drawn to the entry I see it needs a more interesting light fixture to work with the one to be hung in the living room...I tell you this whole process of working on your home is one big slippery slope! One thing always leads to another.

Next, more details to help all the areas in the open space work together. Accessories, pillows and more. Little projects to occupy me while I continue to contemplate the bigger decisions!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And Speaking Of Fluttering Hearts...


Happy Anniversary To Us

Ten years
two kids
one dog and a house

Life Is (mostly) Grand I Tell You...

Make My Heart Flutter Lighting Options

I realize it may put me in the "you are slightly odd" category, but I was so happy to watch a hole being cut in my living room ceiling yesterday! There was a bit of uncertainty as to whether adding a junction box would be possible, with minimal access to extend the wiring. So watching the electrician be successful was a reason to celebrate.

And now, with the wiring in place, what chandelier should be hung in this room? Here are some gorgeous options to consider...

From Currey & Company, the Simplicity Chandelier in Washed Wood is near perfection with wooden beads that are just so pretty!

Found at Horchow, the Shell Pendant Light is both a modern and organic choice. Here sliced seashells are handcrafted to resemble flowers.

At Shades of Light, the Riveria Iron Lantern strikes a beautiful balance between the masculine and feminine.

Offered at Circa Lighting, the Marigot Six Light Chandelier is stunning in antique brass with delicate seeded glass beads. How very Feminine.

Spotted recently at Crate & Barrel, the Norwood Six-Arm Chandelier is a pared down and strong version of the Simplicity Chandelier.

Discovered at Lux Lighting in Portland, the Skygarden fixture by Flos leaves me with no words. Well, except to say...designer Marcel Wanders found his inspiration for this light from the antique decorated plaster ceiling in his home in the Netherlands. What a stunning blend of old and new. Period. I want it...

Putting aside the little issue of money for a moment...which light fixture would you select for this room?

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Giveaway Day At Nesting Place

News Flash: Rush over to Nesting Place right this instant to see what is being given away! (Well, perhaps after you stick around here for a moment or two first.)

One giveaway is being announced each hour for 24 hours!! Now that is a giveaway party no one should miss.

Included in this giveaway extravaganza is a $75 gift certificate to spend at my Stella & Dot Jewelry Boutique. Yeah, my giveaway just appeared, click here to enter!

Here are just some of the beautiful items you can purchase for under $75...

The stylish Devi CZ Hoop Earrings, $64 for gold, $59 for silver

Soiree Earrings for a bit of Sparkle, $39

Sofia Cluster Ring, what fun Bling! $39

The holiday Ava Cupchain Necklace, perfect with your LBD, $44

The chic Mimi Chain Necklace for $59 & a wonderful selection of Charms,
from $14 to $44

And so...good luck with your entries over at the Nesting Place!

Tomorrow...come back to view a few chandelier options for my new work space and weigh in on what would be your first choice.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Giveaway Time Over At...

Would you enjoy winning some colorful new accessories
for your work space, plus a few extras to get you inspired to do your best work?

Then head on over to Home To Three Duncan Boys
and enter to win the delightful goodies shown below!

Good luck...
and while you are there make sure to look around her fun blog!

Friday, September 25, 2009

It Is Indeed A Small World

(L.Duncan's Chairs)

The other day I received an email from L.Duncan
suggesting I hop on over to Home To Three Duncan Boys to see her latest post.

I couldn't help but
LAUGH OUT LOUD in disbelief
upon seeing her post!

The ugly slipper chairs I won at auction
(which subsequently received a long overdue beauty treatment)
...have twins.

Found for a steal at Goodwill,
I can wait to see what she does with hers!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Simple Shopping Trip

Needing to give my search for the pedestal table a rest I moved on to an easier task. On this shopping list, baskets.

The living room, soon to be work space, needed some additional storage. Where to put all the fabric samples and a few catalogs? Two large baskets tucked under the coffee table provides a spot to toss them when not in use.

My first stop was Target, nothing really made me feel the love. Then I swung by Pier 1 and found these chocolate brown wicker baskets lined with canvas, and the best part...the cute bow. (Later while online to grab the link to these baskets I saw they are Laundry Baskets...ha! Who knew. Oh well, I think they look chic enough for my purpose!)

I was infatuated, grabbed two and was relieved to have this shopping trip over in just a few minutes.

Up next: While I continue to deliberate my table situation, I've called the electrician to add a junction box so a chandelier can be hung in the center of the room. Yet another item I need to start looking for. Do you have a favorite online resource for great light fixtures? Please share away...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Out Your Running Shoes

If you want to shop with me you better have your running shoes on.

In the search for additional pedestal table options for the Living Room Redesign I literally ran through nine stores in under three hours, including travel time. (Don't you want to hire me?)

As I was making my way through the list of stores I thought would be worth visiting I got more and more discouraged. There is so much out there that is poorly designed and made even worse. Seeing all this starts to take away any inspired feelings about creating a beautiful space.

At one stop, starting to get discouraged, I decided this table wasn't bad. Except what is that orange metallic circle hovering just below the glass? For two seconds I entertained painting the problem away.

Seeing an overpriced item discourages me as well.

Hey, this would be nice if it could just be supersized, without the price following suit.

As I quickly came to the end of my list of stores without any real possibilities I decided to drop into a store I rarely visit. Here you'll find Baker and McGuire, stuff I can't touch! But after all the junk I'd seen I thought I could use a dose of beauty to get back on track.

It worked. Seeing this Saarinen Table simply made me happy...perhaps I could find a really good knockoff at a great price. (HA!) No, the white base and marble would be too stark against all the creams in the room. Nevertheless, seeing this beautiful table got me inspired again.

Then I turned a corner and saw this Barbara Barry Scallop Pendant against this Red+Orange color I keep bumping into! Love at first sight I tell you. Again, not right for the space I'm working on but what a joy to encounter good design!

Now I could go home happy, empty handed, but happy.

My only issue, and I just have to share it, are sales people who treat you like you don't know anything. A very polite gentleman told me the Barbara Barry fixture was by another manufacturer, encouragingly told me it was currently 25% off and then proceeded to quote me a price $300 more than the retail price directly from Circa Lighting.

Is it no wonder I hear how much some of you dislike shopping?!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunting Down The Perfect Pedestal Table

A few days ago I posted the floor plan for the Living Room Redesign, showing a large pedestal table placed in the center of the room with a fabulous chandelier hung above. So far I have no idea where either one of them is coming from.

Yesterday I had a few spare moments to run quickly through a handful of stores. I decided to search for the table first...its selection will help guide the chandelier choice. Ideally the table should be 52" in diameter with beautiful strong lines and a dark walnut stain...and all at a great price of course.

Here are the options I found. Not convinced I've found the one, so I hope to hit a few more stores today.

First stop, Pier 1. This Clinton table is close to the design I had in mind. I'm wondering if its sale price is causing it to appear more attractive than it really is. At 48" it may be a bit too small, but my biggest issue is that I wish the stain color was a deeper brown.

Then I ran into Crate & Barrel and got excited when I saw a sale sign hanging above their sculptural Monroe table. Wouldn't you know it, the size I need is the only size Not on sale! So it remains out of reach. But look at the gorgeous wood tone, the table is made of solid chestnut...absolutely beautiful.

Another option at Crate & Barrel is the Kyoto table. Made of solid bamboo stained a rich Kona brown, it is an eco friendly choice. The pared down simplicity of this table along with its unique wood grain make it a winner. But at 42" it is significantly too small for the room and unfortunately comes with a large price tag for such a small table.

Finally, my last find during this short shopping trip was the Sonoma 54" table at Z Gallerie. Its lines are strong yet graceful and the color is quite rich. The price could be better, but I just noticed a promotion online which would help. However, what is really stopping me from purchasing this table is that I'm not certain about the quality of the furniture sold here. Any opinions, any experiences you can share?

I'm off to hit a few more stores today in the quest for more table possibilities, as well as items for a client's master bedroom. It's going to be sunny and warm here...with rain coming soon I'm going to enjoy every moment being out and about while the sun is still shining!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Yes, It Is The Same Flooring In Both Photos!

Over the past couple of years I have enjoyed working on one of my friend's home, completing a variety of projects. One day while brainstorming about future design plans the idea of staining the oak floors was brought up...I literally jumped for joy at the prospect!

Oak floors stained a rich brown are my all time favorite flooring...traditional, classic and modern all at once. I also knew that if we went forward with this project it would have a tremendous impact on the overall look of the home.

Eventually a decision was made to go for it! Such a project is not for the faint of heart. There were periods during the process when everyone involved felt stress, along with a moment or two of panic regarding stain color and the finish. But...all is well that ends well.

Just look at the gorgeous result! Everytime I step into their front door I can't help but begin to wax poetic over the beauty of these floors...

Tell me, is there a project you have taken on that has caused your blood pressure to rise?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Honest Scrap Award - After Receiving It I'm Passing It On

Lakeitha, over at Home To Three Duncan Boys, has awarded my blog the Honest Scrap Award. Thanks!!

Here are the rules I must follow, upon receiving this award:

1) Say thanks and give a link to the presenter of the award.
2) Share "10 Honest Things" about myself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged me.
4) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving.

And now...oh goody, a chance to rant and rave about random items that don't fit into a post on design!! Here's my "10 Honest Things" about myself:

1) As I just mentioned on Twitter, I can not stand being in the middle of a conversation with someone, having an interruption occur...followed by the person forgetting that we were in the middle of a sentence. How rude!!!!!!
2) I am at my core a shy and reserved one believes me, except my husband.
3) My life has surprised mostly good ways.
4) People who meet me have no idea I once spent long summers working in the Alaskan Fisheries.
5) My children are my greatest surprise to anyone reading this blog.
6) My husband is my biggest fan and source of support. Thanks!
7) Working Moms and Stay At Home Moms need to have more tolerance towards one another...really.
8) No one believes I met Jackie Onassis.
9) I am actually enjoying getting is liberating in so many ways.
10)I grew up quite poor and always dreamed (obsessed) of owning my own home. Never thought it would happen...perhaps this explains my slight preoccupation with creating beautiful places to reside.

And now I would like to present the Honest Scrap Award to the following blogs:

1) Room Remix - The Blog
2) Kelly + Olive
3) Little Cottage BG
4) Living With Lindsey
5) The Best Of Your Before & Afters
6) Design Esquire
7) Addicted To Decorating

Make sure to check out these blogs if you are not familiar with them! And tell me...

What would be on your list of Ten Honest Things?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Head On Over To Room Remix - There's A Giveaway To Be Won!

To celebrate reaching the milestone of 100 followers Room Remix is hosting a great giveaway...a $35 gift card to One of the stores listed below. Just think of the head start you could get on one of your projects with help from this giveaway!!

So head on over to enter for a chance to win and enjoy this delightful blog written by PK while you are there!

Ladies Night Out + Stella & Dot Jewelry

Last night I hosted a Ladies Night Out at my!! Lots of great friends, wine (the reason for my wine glass vs. plastic cup debate on Twitter), desserts as well as a beautiful selection of Stella & Dot jewelry on hand, giving us all a chance to try on some adorable jewelry. How old is too old to play dress up?

(Sorry for the poor quality photos!)

There is also a great little special going on at my Stella & Dot Boutique until the end of September! After you purchase $50 of regular priced jewelry you can select up to two of the items below at wonderfully discounted prices. It's easy to do... visit my online Boutique, shop for the regularly priced item first, adding it to the shopping bag followed by your sale selections. The promotion prices will be applied automatically.

And stayed tuned...I am participating in an awesome event coming soon over at the Nester's blog. Trust me, no one will want to miss it!

Have a great weekend...Janell

p.s. To take advantage of the September specials at my boutique, click "Can't make it to the trunk show? Find Your Hostess" on the front page and type in Janell Beals prior to shopping.