Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Giveaway Time Again!

I had such a great time with my last giveaway let's do it again! This time it's pillows. Back when I selected the pale turquoise fabric for the slipper chairs I knew the sky blue in these four pillows would no longer work in the family room, so I set them aside for one of you!

These linen pillows from Pottery Barn have been customized with jewelry like rose and leaf buttons. To add a fun bit of pattern, two of the pillows have wraps made from a delightful Thomas Paul fabric found at Calico Corners.

To read about the project that personalized these pillows read the post Kitchen & Family Redesign - Almost Done. (Or so I thought, I am back to the drawing board when it comes to pillows for this space!)

Do you have a sofa, pair of chairs or a bed begging for a dose of color? Enter to win these pillows, valued at over $150, by leaving a comment on this post by the end of day, August 7th.

Would you like to increase your odds of winning? For one additional entry become an Isabella & Max Rooms follower. If you would like to beat the odds, for another additional entry blog about my give away and let me know you've done this in your comment on this post!

The winner will be selected by and announced in a post on August 8th. Good luck everyone! Janell

p.s. I am able to ship these items to a U.S. address only...thanks for understanding.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Transformation Of The Auction Chairs

After winning this pair of slipper chairs at an auction I started to question my purchase. Had I just bought the ugliest chairs possible?

Keeping the faith, I drew up a design for their transformation. Then I got to work refinishing the frames, selecting a fabric, Fabricut's Renaissance velvet in Spearmint, and delivered them to Kepler's to be reupholstered.

One day I stopped by Kepler's to check on the progress. What is that burnt orange fabric doing on my chairs?! Luckily there were no other surprises.

Driving to pick them up at Kepler's yesterday, I almost felt sick to my stomach. What if I didn't like them? What if there were problems with the workmanship? So it was a relief when I saw them in the shop window, looking fresh and beautiful.

The first is sitting pretty in the Family Room, filling a spot that had been waiting for just the right chair. The shot of color is exactly what this room needed to complete it, bringing out bits of the same color seen here and there in the built-ins. The chair is admittedly feminine and a graphic pillow brings it down a step. This pillow is an old favorite find from Pottery Barn, not quite the right size, but will do until I find or make a lumbar sized pillow.

The second is in the Girl's Dream Bedroom, looking absolutely adorable. Each chair has taken on a slightly different feel, adapting to its surroundings. If history repeats tends to travel around in our some point the pair will find themselves in the same room side by side.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look What I Saw In The Shop Window

I just returned from picking up the slipper chairs...I adore them! Here is a sneak preview, sitting on display in Kepler's window.

Walking into the store I overhear a woman inquiring if they were for sale. That certainly made me smile. Friends would probably be amazed I didn't sell them on the spot...items tend to revolve in and out of my home on a fairly regular basis. But the chairs have to at least get into the house before I can think about parting with them!

No time to take photos now...but will post more tomorrow, showing the chairs in the family room and bedroom.

Stitching My Way Through Late Night TV

My TiVo is getting cleared out as I sew the rag quilt pieces together, into the late hours. This reminds me of the years I worked in fashion, when sewing late into the night was not uncommon...getting next season's samples ready for the reps or fixing a contractor's mistake on an order so it could be shipped the next day. When I think of that stress, it is an absolute pleasure to work on this rag quilt...practically like being on a holiday!

The first three rows (twelve squares across) are complete, nine more to go. Soon after beginning to sew I realized that making each square 8", as opposed to smaller, was a very very good decision.

Putting the sewing aside until later, I'm off to pick up the finished slipper chairs from Keplers. How exciting! Marvin tells me they turned out wonderfully, here's hoping I agree. Look for pictures tomorrow...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Figuring Out How To Make A Rag Quilt

78 squares of Aviary in Robin
78 squares of Lock in Splash
156 squares of Flannel

Yikes, that was a lot of cutting! I bet the quilters out there could have given me a few pointers.

Next steps: Each printed square will be backed with a flannel square. The 156 squares will then be sewn together with their 1/3" seam facing out. The seams will be snipped to create frayed edges (the signature of a rag quilt). Finally, this newly created quilt will become the top of the duvet for this bedroom.

Any guess as to when this will all be done? I may pull some late nights, catching up on a few favorite TV shows while sewing!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Chandelier Trim Design

"Update: This project is attending Kimba's DIY Day at A Soft Place To Land!"

Ah, finally, some progress to report on one of my projects!

Back when the Girl's Dream Bedroom was started the ceiling paint was extended down onto the walls a few inches, to create the look of crown molding. Below this trim line a chandelier inspired pattern was be painted around the perimeter of the room.

After hanging the wall mirror yesterday (we decided to leave it gold rather than refinish with another color, and it does work), I started the task of painting the trim design. The pattern is being traced and hand painted onto the wall. A similar look could be achieved with a stencil or by applying decorative wall decals.

How many linear feet of this design is left to paint?! One option is to run the design around the room in a continuous pattern. The second is to paint a random pattern, leaving a few blank spaces here and there. Because the random option would be significantly less work I am going to try that approach first...I can always go back and fill in the skipped spaces!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A Surprise Gift

While at the beach this past week Tamey came down for some time on the sand with a long line of children in tow. (And I mean long, seven of them!) When she walked into the house my eyes caught sight of a colorful bag on her shoulder. "Your bag is great, where did you get it?" Tamey's reply, "a garage sale." Well, that is a garage sale I want to go to!

After a fun visit Tamey and the kids headed out. Following the goodbyes, my brother and I were walking back to the house when I noticed he had the bag on his shoulder. He passed it to me. "Here, it's yours."

That is Tamey. Besides being thrilled with the unexpected gift I was touched by the spontaneous act of generosity.

Certainly made me stop and think...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Wonderful Little Holiday


...walks on the beach. Family. Friends visiting for the day.

Reading through a (very) tall stack of decor magazines.

Naps on the deck, bundled inside a sleeping bag listening the to sounds of the waves.
(Is that heaven or what?)

And do I get back up to speed?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gone Fishing...

I just received a call from Kepler's that the two slipper chairs are ready to be picked up. UPS has delivered the fabric from Calico Corners for the duvet/rag quilt to be made for the Girl's Dream Bedroom and the Master Bedroom Retreat is virtually it's hard to walk away, but...

Time for a little summer break! With family visiting from here and there I'm taking a few days off. Be back in a bit! Janell

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Master Bath Redesign - Who Can Pass Up A Party, Over At Nesting Place!

I've watched the "Price My Space Party" go on for nearly two days over at Nesting Place, and I finally started to feel like the girl who decided to stay home and watch a movie rather than get herself out to the party. So, here goes, I'm heading over to the party!

For this Master Bath Redesign I painted, changed all the light fixtures, added window treatments, put a Mirror Mate frame around the large plate glass mirror, brought in chairs that I refinished and finally added some favorite accessories. The room includes a few splurges as well as a few additions for nearly nothing. I love the result! The bath went from one that did not inspire to one I love being in. The second photo above shows the before.

Now to the money part!
Paint: $72. Mirror Mate Mirror Frame, Mediterra/Glazed Earth: $149 (with my designer discount). 2 vanity mirror light fixtures: $49 each, from Destination Lighting. 2 chandeliers, $99 each, from Lamps Plus. 2 Recessed Fixture Converter Kits, around $9 each from Home Depot. The Little Golden Bird, $6, from Calico Corners, got the little guy for a steal (regularly about $22) because he had a little damage which super glue fixed perfectly. Biggest score of the room is the wall mirror from Uttermost. Was originally priced at $379, but again, due to damage easily repaired with super glue, I paid only $59. Love it! The chairs I already owned, so with a yard of Thomas Paul fabric and paint I transformed them from blah to beautiful for about $30, for the pair. A splurge for the room was the tall vase and golden grasses for the niche, they were perfect, so worth it I think. Both from Crate & Barrel, were just under $100. Finally a basket for towels from Target was on sale for $9 and the grass roman shades were $350 for both windows...again, with my discount.

This brings the grand total to $1089. Not inexpensive, but when you consider what is spent on bath remodels, it's a bargain!

Monday, July 13, 2009

A Fun Message Board Project

"Update: This project is attending the Before & After Party at Thrifty Decor Chick!"

One small and very adorable element of the Girl's Dream Bedroom is this message board. I wasn't quite sure how to go about making one until I read Mrs. Limestone's blog highlighting just such a project...ding, ding, it!

Making for an easy start, there just happened to be this message board stored in the closet, found a while back at Target for $8.

Isabella is a girl who absolutely loves projects, with her help things moved quickly. First we sanded the frame and gave it a quick coat of paint.

Then a thin layer of Rust-oleum's Painter's Touch Brushed Metallic in Fool's Gold gave the frame some sparkle. This paint, in gold and platinum, is a favorite product that I find myself pulling out time after time.

While the frame dried, Isabella brushed each decorative nail with more of the metallic paint...she claimed this was a lot of fun! Ah, a girl after my own heart.

While the nails were drying, we cut out a layer of backing and covered the cork.

Next, a Thomas Paul fabric left over from a pillow project was cut to fit the board and layered over the "lining" with the edges folded under. After a break, the dried nails were pushed into the cork, securing the fabric in place. What a fun little project and, by using items and supplies already on hand, the cost was next to nothing. A sweet addition to the Girl's Dream Bedroom.

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Just Couldn't Stay Away...

Today I just happened to be driving in the vicinity of Kepler's, the upholstery shop which is working on the Auction Slipper Chairs. So do you think I could pass up the opportunity to take a look?! Of course not. A stop to view the progress was a must.

The work was scheduled to begin yesterday, and it is always a good idea to touch base when a job...any in progress. If there's a problem, or a difference of opinion about the direction of the work, it's much better to catch it earlier rather than later!

Just one surprise was waiting. Another layer of fabric, a burnt orange brocade, had been hiding beneath the lovely floral. Is it possible that at one point the chairs looked even worse than they did when I found them?

The verdict: the workmanship looks great, the fabric is gorgeous and according to Marvin, is very durable and great to work with. So I left the shop happy. How would you have felt seeing a pair of your chairs in this state of flux...Excited? Frightened?!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Mirrors

Sanding the sunburst mirror was like an archaeological dig, uncovering layers of paint from white to yellow, down to hints of an original gold finish. I guess this is why the mirror was available for just a couple dollars!

Didn't I just refinish a sunburst mirror? A case of deja vu...sanding, priming, painting. Oh, but wait, this time there is a difference... Rub'n Buff. If I am not careful this product will cover way too many surfaces in my home! (I LOVE this stuff...probably because not only does it look great but it is just so much fun to use!)

Next, the wall mirror. I am debating its future look...should it remain as is or be refinished?