Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paint & Drapes - Purchased Before "Client" Could Change His Mind

It has been very dark and gray around here the last two days, a lot of rain has been falling. Virtually impossible conditions to get decent house photos, and I really wanted to show the progress on the Home Office Redesign. I managed to get at least a few that will do for now.

Despite the busy season I did find a moment to run to the paint store. Afterwards, I quickly brought in my Gorilla Ladder, painting part of one wall and mocking up a bit of a drapery panel with the Turkestan fabric header. I decided to move quickly while "the client" was in agreement with me.

(A side note: my ladder is a rock star. Nearly literally. Before it came into my possession it belonged to Brent DeBoer of the Dandy Warhols. Isn't that "So Bohemian"? Until recently he lived next to my parents, but a move downtown rendered having a ladder unnecessary and across the driveway it came to my Dad's house. Ha, not for long. When I needed a ladder and this one showed up at my house I knew it wasn't leaving. Sorry Dad...)

But back to decorating. It proved very helpful to have some paint sampled on the wall along with the bit of fabric hanging beside the window. Now my husband was able to visualize these selections clearly.

In another post I mentioned SW 6153 Protege Bronze might be the wall color. After studying the fabric with various colors, however, I selected SW 7026 Griffin, a paint on the gray end of the spectrum. Moody, I love it. The paint color picks up on a trace background color in the Turkestan fabric, so the two coordinate but do not match. More interesting that way, I think. Both the paint and the fabric look striking with the grass roman shades, already hanging in the room, which are tan but have a fleck of smoky blue gray in them.

Having this little "mock up" also showed showed me the ceiling color can stay. That is a relief! It was painted SW 6150 Universal Khaki awhile back, as the original white ceiling was just so stark against the dark chocolate walls (painted by the builder) and creamy trim. I can't express how happy I am that this task is being crossed off the to-do list, painting a ceiling is a pain! Seriously, I could paint two rooms in the time it takes to paint one ceiling. If I ever need a ceiling painted again I'm calling in my favorite paint crew to do the job!

I don't know how much more will be accomplished in the next couple of weeks, but the fabric has been ordered, the paint is sitting there if I find time and next I'll look for drapery hardware.

In the meantime,
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  1. I love the way the fabric looks up against the roman shade, Janell! I think this is going to look great! It sounds like everything is coming together really well, too.

  2. loving the fabric with the wall color! I can't wait to see more!!!

  3. I think the fabric and the paint color are so pretty together!

    Speaking of ladders I asked for one for Christmas form my Dad- I think it might have made him happier than me, he loves when I ask for tools :)

  4. That is a nice fabric - I imagine on a sunny day it will look very nice as well. Everything looks great so far!

  5. I need one of those monkey ladders!


  6. Seriously, this is going to look awesome - can't wait to see more!

  7. The wall color and drapery are both brilliant (and work brilliantly together).

  8. That's very handsome! I like dark walls in an office. The window shades look really good with that fabric, too. Best of luck!

  9. It's looking really good & you crack me up with the title of this post!

  10. Love the chandelier. I bought mine at Home Depot, sprayed it bronze and hung it over my bathtub! The turk fabric rocks!

  11. I really like the brown paint and Ikat fabric!

    Stop by my blog, I have a free giveaway going on.

  12. pk @ Room Remix
    I like the way you were able to do the mock-ups and I'm sure your husband appreciates it if he's not able to visualize. I liked getting a sneak peak of what's to come too! Looks like it's going to be fab. Have a good weekend...

  13. oh my gosh i can't wait to see it!!! it's going to ba AMAZING!!!

  14. At this time of year, accomplishing anything on a decor project is big news! I'm so glad your "client" is playing nicely so far :)

  15. gorgeous earthy colors, love the chocolate walls, so dramatic!


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