Monday, December 28, 2009

Musical Chairs...And A Happy New Year!

This slipper chair was moved...

to the Entry, making room for the...

Christmas Tree.

I liked the chair in the entry so much it's staying.
So after the holiday...

the second slipper chair from this pair will be moved out of the
Girls Dream Bedroom...

to the empty spot left behind once the tree is taken down.

What chair will fill the then vacant spot in the bedroom?
Do you recall these two chairs from the Master Bath Redesign?

I have a third.
It has been waiting patiently for its turn to get a makeover.

Well today was the day.
The frame was refinished with this delightful color.
Watery 6478,
by Sherwin Williams.

Afterwards the seat cushion was recovered with a colorful print.
Venice found at Calico Corners.
This fabric will create a fun mix with all the existing prints in the room.

It was such a quick transformation,
the chair is already sitting pretty in the room below.

I'll post the steps taken for the redo and the final result
when I get back from a little break.

It has been a busy year.
Twelve months full of work on my own and client's homes,
in addition to all that goes along with having a young family.
There were so many high points and a few low...
but that is life, right?

So, I'm off for a bit of R&R. Knowing me, however, I'm certain as I catch a nap my mind will be dreaming up plans for projects scheduled in the new year as well as ideas for this blog.

See you back here real soon! And Have A Happy New Year!!



  1. Oh, it's going to be really cute ! Have a wonderful rest.....

  2. Isn't funny how that happens?! I moved something I had in my entry for one of the little trees I put by my stairs and I'm liking where I moved that particular piece to. Which means I now need to put something by the stairs once the tree is moved. I had also been thinking of a chair.

    That chair looked so good in your daughter's room, but I like the fabric you are putting on the redo chair. It looks like it will capture all the colors going on in her room. Can't wait to see it, Janell!

  3. Love your musical chair plans. Enjoy your R & R.

  4. I love the new fabric for Isabella's room - it's going to be adorable on that chair and in the room with everything else (nice teaser btw - now we have to WAIT! :-) ) Enjoy your break...

  5. Awww man! you're just going to leave us like that?! Well I guess I'll go on vacation too! Just kidding, I hope you have a great time away. I look forward to all of the things you have in store for the new year.


  6. That chair would look fab no matter where you put it.

    Have a great rest and happy new year!

  7. I just know that chair is going to look fab!


  8. your blog is so fun to look at! you were one of my faves for the "homies" awards...i hope you do well!
    and i hope you leave the antlers up...or at least find a new home for them in a conspicuous spot. love your taste...

  9. How pretty it all looks. Love those blue chairs. Just popping over from SITS to welcome you aboard & hope your New Year's is wonderful!

  10. I cant wait to see the chair in its new home, I love the color and fabric you picked out!!

    I hope you have a very happy New Year and I cant wait to see what you have in store for your blog next year!!

    Happy New Year! xoxo Lindsay

  11. Happy New Year, Janell! I can't wait to see what you come up with for 2010.

  12. I love the wall color you used for your living area! What color is it and where can I find it!


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