Thursday, October 15, 2009

P.S. If You Doubt My Love For Target...

A few years ago, while visiting Australia, I heard a rumor that a Target store was located nearby. Of course I had to visit...dragging the whole family with me.

Yes, that's cute Isabella...but now we need to keep moving towards the Target.

Do you see the happiness on my face, upon nearing the entrance? Well, let me tell you, my face looked differently upon leaving the store. What a disappointment!

No more stores after that...just beaches, great food and family time.


  1. Janell you ROCK!!! I just had to say that! So the Target was a let down... Well I'm glad it has made up for that disappointment!

  2. Target is a wicked temptress for sure.... ;)

  3. Someone actually as bad as I am. They totally suck you in. Now, if only they treated their employees better D : they'd have my heart.
    Sounded like a wonderful vacation!!

  4. Target...sigh...I miss shopping there - but now that I have moved back to Canada I am Targetless. Even though I live 30 min from the border, and Target is 45 minutes away - it still isn't same as having one 5 minutes away where you can hop in on a regular basis.

  5. I'm SUCH a target fan, and I love the Victoria Hagan line! Thanks for the tip that she's back.

  6. i love the products that they have at target, but i always get awful service. maybe it's just the target that i go to?

    p.s. the family photo on the beach is sooo cute!


  7. Interesting...about the bad service. I sometimes get too much service, if there can be such a thing. "Can I help you find something?", "Are you finding what you are looking for?" and at check out, "Did you find what you came in for?" And the employees seem to be happy...

    I guess what I am hearing is that each store is different. Too bad.
    Target, are you listening?


  8. Oh, I love Target. That's so cool you found one there. Did you find anything good?

  9. I lived in INdonesia for 4 years, the second year we were in Australia for holiday. OMG, Was I excited their was a Target, we finally found it and, yes, TOTAL disappointment. So not the Target we have here in the U.S.---I love you Target!!


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