Friday, October 16, 2009

Decorating With Children's Art

O at Home, Winter 2007
(Click on the above 'O at Home' to read more)

I love decorating with children's art, it is a wonderful way to bring a light hearted quality to a room. Below the artwork is framed in multiple frames, creating a feature wall.

Here I hung eight frames purchased at an Aaron Brothers buy one, get the second one for a penny sale. The cost for these frames was just $40! Once home I browsed through a stack of artwork that had been saved and placed my favorites in the frames. Fast, easy and inexpensive with a delightful result.

My favorite in this grouping are the paper dolls...I especially love framing shapes the kids have cut out and colored. During a visit my mother in law helped Isabella cut these dolls, followed by Isabella drawing these quirky characters on each one. When I saw these figures laid out on the table I knew they were just too special to be stored away in a file. Instead I layered them within the frame and was completely smitten with the result.

So much so that the people at Oprah's... (sadly now defunct)... 'O at Home' took notice. That is a whole other story that would require more time than I have at the moment to write about! But someday, I promise.


  1. What a great idea! I know that I would've been so proud as a kid to have my mom display my artwork so beautifully.

    And I can't believe you got featured in O at Home! How awesome (and I miss that mag, too!).

  2. Love those paper dolls! When my daughter was small, we had more of her work scattered around the house than we do now... most of it is here in my office with me these days... but I think it's a great way to encourage your kids... whether it's their art or academic or sports awards you put on display.
    How great to have your work noticed in such a "big" way, by Oprah no less!

  3. I love your idea of displaying your children artwork this way. this was one of my all time favorite file in my "to do" folder! and you being featured in O at home, how cool is that! its only a matter of time before you are featured in other TOP home decor magazines!

  4. Looks great! I have had issues with where to put my son's art work - most of it has unfortunately ended up in a box. I will have to find some wall space and hang it all up like this.
    Thanks for another great idea!

  5. I love displaying kids artwork - but you have definitely stepped it up a notch! I love the frames and how you hung them on the wall. Super exciting about being featured in the O at Home!!


  6. I love childrens' art used in a homes decor. It sends a message to your children that creativity is a wonderful thing.

  7. I dont have kids yet but I plan on doing the exact same thing one day- its such a great idea.

    Your daughters paper dolls are my favorite, that is the best kind of art imo :)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh Janell,
    These are lovely. The paper doll one is adorable. How creative. Love the savings on the frames too! I have sooo many plain black frames from Michaels that I buy when they are half price. I literally stock up because I know I'll use them somewhere. I want to hear the story about Oprah Home!!!
    Paula Grace

  9. I see that great minds think alike. Check out my post from 2 days ago! I love framing my children's art and displaying it around the house!

  10. great idea- and how fun that you were featured in O at Home! that's awesome!
    i think i have a perfect place to display some of my girls' art- we have 1001 blank walls at our new house! pictures of the newly painted walls coming soon... : )
    happy weekend, janell!

  11. Oh just such a great idea Janell!!! those dolls are just too perfect!!!

    I need to think of a good spot for frames for kid artwork at our place. I've always loved the idea of having kids' artwork hanging, making them feel special and the house a home.

    have a great weekend!! :)

  12. Janell, this is one of my favorite ideas from when I discovered your blog. I'm just waiting for my daughter to draw something on paper rather than the couch :)

  13. I bet your kids just LOVE that you frame their art work!! Way to go mom!

  14. Great post and very creative!

    I still have framed artwork I did when I was five! My mom kept it and past it back to me. I'm 31 today! My children look at them and love it.

    Popping in from SITS. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  15. I love this idea! I love the touch of whimsy that it adds, not to mention how special it is for your children that their mom is proud enough of their art to display it. Congrats on the "O" mention too! Have a great weekend.
    pk @ Room Remix

  16. I have a bunch of my children's artwork saved so that I can frame it "just so" up on the walls... and there it still sits. How DO you get all these things done, and then have time to BLOG about them no less?!?! One simpler question: please share the brand and color of the paint on the wall behind the collage of 8 white frames. Thanks so much!
    - L in Michigan

  17. ingenious idea as always! and yes, do tell us the story about that "O" mention. Well deserved & kudos!

  18. Hi Janell,

    What color is the wall in the top picture? I have not found the perfect shade of brown yet. I know that you have suggested Devine Cocoa right?

  19. Lucky kids to have their artwork so prominently and lovingly displayed. It looks great.

  20. Great article. What a perfect way to brighten up the house and also encourage your child to enjoy making and looking at art.

    We have created many canvases from kids art over the years, that's another fantastic way to display those special pieces that they either bring home from school or create at home.

  21. i love these children's art glad i found them..will direct my clients to them..i suggest this idea a lot and you illustrate it so the painting on the landing! you rock!


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