Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving On To The Surrounding Areas...

Thanks for all your opinions about which light fixture you would select! I was on the verge of ordering the Riveria Iron Lantern when I read Lauren's feedback on the orange light the fixture casts. After emailing her she has offered to send a photo of this exact lantern hanging outside her front door, so hopefully I'll have a better idea if this is the one or not. Thanks Lauren!

At the rate the table and lighting choices are being made I suspect I'll be working a bit longer from the spot I'm writing this, the kitchen nook table! Oh well...

In the meantime I am moving on to the areas surrounding the future work space. When you enter the home this room is on the left with the dining room and stairwell behind it. My husband's office is to the right and the hallway to the back of the house runs directly from the entry. These spaces all need to work together, so first: the entry. It is a small space with no characteristics making it worth noticing. It needed color, and paint is cheap and easy!

For color inspiration I had been looking at the San Francisco print hung in the entry and a piece called Village by Judy Paul hanging above a console a few feet away. Both images have gorgeous grays and blues paired with oranges, suggesting to me that a grayish blue paint would work well here with the orange accents already present in the space. (The Freud Chaise Lounge and the Skylar Floor Lamp with its oversized orange shade).

I picked Sherwin-Williams 6205 Comfort Gray, love the color and the name!

Before the space just faded away.

Now the entry looks fresh with this simple pop of color, lightening and modernizing the heavy craftsman trim. With my eye now being drawn to the entry I see it needs a more interesting light fixture to work with the one to be hung in the living room...I tell you this whole process of working on your home is one big slippery slope! One thing always leads to another.

Next, more details to help all the areas in the open space work together. Accessories, pillows and more. Little projects to occupy me while I continue to contemplate the bigger decisions!


  1. Great paint choice, Janell! What a difference it makes. Love it.

  2. I love that color! It looks great. I'm on that slippery slope of home improvement myself, one thing always leads to another, and another...

  3. I love the color! I love the Judy Paul print as well! Is the print on her site? I could not find it!


  4. Hi Julie,
    Here is the link, I'll change it on the post!
    Thanks! Janell

  5. I just painted most of the downstairs of my new house comfort gray. I lobe it! Great choice.

  6. Just a lil touché of colour make things big difference, right?

    This is a perfect choice. BTW, loving your jewelries. I will browse in your jewelsite, soonest. Moving there now.

    TY for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful paint color! This makes me want to use it somewhere around here now... :-)

  8. love the color! a friend of mine in NY was asking me as well about a paint color & I suggested this one, I call it sage gray, neutral enough to pull all things together but also exudes a warm & coziness, speaking of light fixtures, well, i'll just e-mail u about my long question :)

  9. It looks gorgeous!! Love the new color!

  10. As always, it looks great!!! I love the art. I can't wait to see what fixture and table you pick for your office space.

  11. Love the new color, janell! I'm a little late to the light choosing party, but I'll be watching. ;) Have a nice day.

  12. That is a truly beautiful color and works so well in your entry...I need to get me into a SW soon so I can swoon over their paint chips :o) I'm following...I'd love to have you pop over to my place for my very first giveaway...
    peace, cindy

  13. This is just beautiful! Thanks for joining my linky party, I hope to see you there again!


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