Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hunting Down The Perfect Pedestal Table

A few days ago I posted the floor plan for the Living Room Redesign, showing a large pedestal table placed in the center of the room with a fabulous chandelier hung above. So far I have no idea where either one of them is coming from.

Yesterday I had a few spare moments to run quickly through a handful of stores. I decided to search for the table first...its selection will help guide the chandelier choice. Ideally the table should be 52" in diameter with beautiful strong lines and a dark walnut stain...and all at a great price of course.

Here are the options I found. Not convinced I've found the one, so I hope to hit a few more stores today.

First stop, Pier 1. This Clinton table is close to the design I had in mind. I'm wondering if its sale price is causing it to appear more attractive than it really is. At 48" it may be a bit too small, but my biggest issue is that I wish the stain color was a deeper brown.

Then I ran into Crate & Barrel and got excited when I saw a sale sign hanging above their sculptural Monroe table. Wouldn't you know it, the size I need is the only size Not on sale! So it remains out of reach. But look at the gorgeous wood tone, the table is made of solid chestnut...absolutely beautiful.

Another option at Crate & Barrel is the Kyoto table. Made of solid bamboo stained a rich Kona brown, it is an eco friendly choice. The pared down simplicity of this table along with its unique wood grain make it a winner. But at 42" it is significantly too small for the room and unfortunately comes with a large price tag for such a small table.

Finally, my last find during this short shopping trip was the Sonoma 54" table at Z Gallerie. Its lines are strong yet graceful and the color is quite rich. The price could be better, but I just noticed a promotion online which would help. However, what is really stopping me from purchasing this table is that I'm not certain about the quality of the furniture sold here. Any opinions, any experiences you can share?

I'm off to hit a few more stores today in the quest for more table possibilities, as well as items for a client's master bedroom. It's going to be sunny and warm here...with rain coming soon I'm going to enjoy every moment being out and about while the sun is still shining!


  1. The Pier1 and Zgallery tables are similar. I am leaning towards either one of these, they get my vote:) I haven't ever purchased furniture from either place. However, have known folks who have purchased items from Pier1 and never heard any horror stories.

  2. I have purchased much of the Furniture in our home from Zgallerie and it has all held up very well! I can also say that Zgallerie's customer service was excellent!

  3. I have a love affair with Z Gallerie!! the tables in my living room are from there and I love them. Customer service is great and usually if the sale is online it is also in the store. I've seen that table in person and I love it!

  4. Haven't ever purchased anything from ZGallerie, but it sounds like you've already gotten some good feedback on them! Good luck! Can't wait to see it...

  5. My table from ZGallerie is JUNK! I had horrible customer service and my table is stained(walnut color), but is pine! Not very good quality..JMO

  6. Thanks Shelle for your feedback! I'm still hunting, I may have to wait and save up for a better option...


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