Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get Out Your Running Shoes

If you want to shop with me you better have your running shoes on.

In the search for additional pedestal table options for the Living Room Redesign I literally ran through nine stores in under three hours, including travel time. (Don't you want to hire me?)

As I was making my way through the list of stores I thought would be worth visiting I got more and more discouraged. There is so much out there that is poorly designed and made even worse. Seeing all this starts to take away any inspired feelings about creating a beautiful space.

At one stop, starting to get discouraged, I decided this table wasn't bad. Except what is that orange metallic circle hovering just below the glass? For two seconds I entertained painting the problem away.

Seeing an overpriced item discourages me as well.

Hey, this would be nice if it could just be supersized, without the price following suit.

As I quickly came to the end of my list of stores without any real possibilities I decided to drop into a store I rarely visit. Here you'll find Baker and McGuire, stuff I can't touch! But after all the junk I'd seen I thought I could use a dose of beauty to get back on track.

It worked. Seeing this Saarinen Table simply made me happy...perhaps I could find a really good knockoff at a great price. (HA!) No, the white base and marble would be too stark against all the creams in the room. Nevertheless, seeing this beautiful table got me inspired again.

Then I turned a corner and saw this Barbara Barry Scallop Pendant against this Red+Orange color I keep bumping into! Love at first sight I tell you. Again, not right for the space I'm working on but what a joy to encounter good design!

Now I could go home happy, empty handed, but happy.

My only issue, and I just have to share it, are sales people who treat you like you don't know anything. A very polite gentleman told me the Barbara Barry fixture was by another manufacturer, encouragingly told me it was currently 25% off and then proceeded to quote me a price $300 more than the retail price directly from Circa Lighting.

Is it no wonder I hear how much some of you dislike shopping?!


  1. Nine stores in three hours is covering some serious ground! I have the same pet peeve of a sales rep talking down to you. I must say that even though you didn't find anything the pictures makee the products look good!

  2. Now THAT'S some serious shopping! I can totally relate to your shopping pain. I went through the same thing when I was searching for a pedestal table for my dining room about 4 years ago. Not the right size, not the right price, not the right stain... You'll find it though and you'll be glad you were picky and waited for the one that you wanted!

  3. Yeah we can hang!!! I know you will find the perfect table. By the way, I found 2 chairs exactly like yours for $25 each and had no way to get them home:( I wanted to cry (seriously)!! I'm going to do a post about them later

  4. I love BB's scalloped pendant -- gorgeous!

    I'm actually searching for a large (i.e., > 48") pedestal table for my breakfast nook and I'm having SO much trouble finding one that I you, the Kyoto and Monroe seem like good options, but I'm still not completely sold....let me know if you find a killer one!

  5. Pottery Barn has some beautiful pedestal tables - just kinda pricey, and I don't know if you do that Pottery Barn thing. It is funny how people are about PB - they either love it or don't like it at all! Good luck in your quest!

  6. wow, we really would need our running shoes- you are one speedy shopper.

    And yes, ditto to awful sales people- they drive me nuts.

  7. I think we would shop well together, I move quickly too (which is why I'm always secretly happy that my husband doesn't like shopping, he would get so annoyed at how many places I go to in one afternoon).

  8. I believe we're in the same shopping genre! I shop & compare & peruse every little shop. I went to 6 shops this morning (well they were side by side) looking for some patio furniture (the ones I saw we're at the least $475 for a chair...yikes!) but the other stores we're French antiques, a pewter candleholder $175 each, yikes again!I adored everything but came home empty-handed. Felt good about that!

  9. So glad to have found your blog. I love your shopping story and can so relate to the sale person issue. I think all home furnishings/design sales people should be trained to ask if the customer is familiar with the product(s) before they start spilling information - (and it's even worse that is was wrong info!)

    At the same time, if one is not knowledgeable about a certain product or designer, then, of course, it is great to learn new information.

    Great post and great blog - thanks!

  10. You always have such great posts. Thanks. You might want to check out purestylehome.blogspot. There is a post on 9/3/09 about pedestal tables. Good luck.

  11. Man, I have this same problem. Finding a 30" round side table that doesn't look antiquey is hard to do!!

  12. Have you checked craigslist for a table? You may find a great quality table at a steal. You can also check eBay for local auctions. I got a $1200 Room and Board down filled sofa with a $400 slipcover for $300. Good luck on your hunt.


  13. I would probably have been totally confused after that number of stores!

    My pet peeve is predatory sales people. By all means, greet me when I come into the store, but then, please just leave me alone until I make eye contact. At Crate & Barrel, for example, they're great, but at Bassett, I feel like I'm being stalked - nothing makes me run from a store faster.


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