Thursday, August 27, 2009

Living Room Redesign

In answer to my question yesterday...yes! The living room is being redesigned to become my office. I sorely need one and with no other available rooms in the house, I'm moving in.

This is the TRUE before picture, taken while house hunting last summer.

Not long after moving in it looked like this. The room made me smile every time I walked by...

...on the way to my 'office' located at the kitchen nook table. This started to get old until one day it occurred to me I had options!

The new space (I tried to write 'office' here, but the word just doesn't match the space I am envisioning!) will provide comfortable seating to lounge in while attempting to think creative thoughts, a large table to work on designs and to write at, storage for samples and supplies, and plenty of new lighting to see it all by.

While some items have been repurposed and others sold, there are aspects of the room that cannot be changed. Starting with the 'wallpaper' design. For one, I love it and two, painting it took way too long to NOT incorporate into the new plan. So this is where the room begins.

The geometric design was laid out on graph paper and transferred onto the fireplace wall. Then each shape was filled in with contrasting paint, one...

after another...

after another.

While I figure out the next step of this Living Room Redesign, don't you forget to enter the Stella & Dot Jewelry Giveaway, which ends on Friday!


  1. I love the 'wallpaper' design above the fire place. I can wait to follow this project.

    I was on Yansy's page and I saw that she offer design boards. Have you ever thought about something similar? It's a good way to help people that live far away from you (like in Atlanta for instance!). I have seen other people offer it too and charge bigs bucks for it and in my opinion not qualified to do so! Just a thought!

  2. Wow - you are amazing! Looks fabulous.

    Can you share how exactly you transferred that design so perfectly?

  3. Yes - I agree with Mrs. Limestone. Exactly how did you paint it? Did you use a plastic stencil and paint around the stencil, or did you use a pencil and sketch and then hand-paint with a small brush? (I am not as helpless as I sound -I hope!)

  4. Yes, I am working on a "how I work" link for my blog...I do quite of bit of 'remote' work and figured I better formalize my process. I'll complete this task...soon?

    Mrs. Limestone, how do I answer your question...because my process is rudimentary and could most likely be streamlined! After laying out the design on graph paper with a sharp pencil I aligned it on the wall face down, and traced over the lines. I repeated this process until the wall was covered. Are you laughing, shaking your head?!

    And yes, to answer TheOldPostRoad, the shapes were filled in by hand with a small brush. I did it this way because using a stencil would not produce sharp edges, especially with the walls having a texture.

    Thanks! Janell

  5. BTW, I LOVED the design board posted by Yansy much so I wrote and asked her what program she used...she was kind enough to share. Very talented, that girl (lady!)


  6. She sure is! I loved the room she did for a little girl done in pink. I can just imagine what you would come up with!!

  7. I can't wait to see the finished product. I know it will be fabulous!

  8. I knew it! I think that sounds like a great idea.

  9. wow!!love the "wallpaper" such a great idea!!I hope you have a fabulous day!! Huge hugs!! Britt :-)

  10. Oh wow - I totally thought that was wallpaper! It looks so great and you did such a neat job on it!

  11. I love your room. Can't wait to see the file cabinet transformed.
    I just moved my office into my home and switched the living room
    and dining rooms around for my space.

  12. Great idea, Janell! I love the idea of using a living room (especially if it's not being used like mine) as your new space. I had my "office" set up inside a closet in one of my spare bedrooms, but had to take it apart and turn it back into a closet when we put our house on the market. However, we are still in the house and I have no office/work space. I feel a little lost, so I'm going to have to figure something out until we decide whether we are going to keep the house on the market or not after the holidays.

  13. Hi Janell, Wow! I really love what you did above your fireplace. I might have to copy you! My living room is a very similar color, but I have low 8' ceilings, so whatever I hang above the fireplace looks cramped. A design like this might open it up. Beautiful!


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