Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Transformation Of The Auction Chairs

After winning this pair of slipper chairs at an auction I started to question my purchase. Had I just bought the ugliest chairs possible?

Keeping the faith, I drew up a design for their transformation. Then I got to work refinishing the frames, selecting a fabric, Fabricut's Renaissance velvet in Spearmint, and delivered them to Kepler's to be reupholstered.

One day I stopped by Kepler's to check on the progress. What is that burnt orange fabric doing on my chairs?! Luckily there were no other surprises.

Driving to pick them up at Kepler's yesterday, I almost felt sick to my stomach. What if I didn't like them? What if there were problems with the workmanship? So it was a relief when I saw them in the shop window, looking fresh and beautiful.

The first is sitting pretty in the Family Room, filling a spot that had been waiting for just the right chair. The shot of color is exactly what this room needed to complete it, bringing out bits of the same color seen here and there in the built-ins. The chair is admittedly feminine and a graphic pillow brings it down a step. This pillow is an old favorite find from Pottery Barn, not quite the right size, but will do until I find or make a lumbar sized pillow.

The second is in the Girl's Dream Bedroom, looking absolutely adorable. Each chair has taken on a slightly different feel, adapting to its surroundings. If history repeats tends to travel around in our some point the pair will find themselves in the same room side by side.


  1. They look wonderful! Are the chairs by a particular maker you covet, or did you just like the look of them? I'm wondering what drew you to the auction ...

    My curiosity aside, they look gorgeous! Great job!

  2. Hi Anne, I just liked the lines of the chairs, and I got them for virtually nothing (made up for that by reworking them). Luckily they looked so bad at the auction only a couple other people showed interest...Thanks for asking! Janell

  3. I am impressed. The chairs look just like the sketch. Impressive job and I really like the color.

    Very nice!

  4. Lovely color and they look awesome.
    The chairs really make a statement in the girls room. You never know what you will find once you re-do some items that others tossed away.

  5. I'm at a lost for words! I mean I knew they were going to be great, but are you kidding me! And how cute is the one sitting in the dream girl's bedroom (SWOON!). I just want to move to Oregon with my house and let you have your way with it! Great eye Janell

  6. These turned out absoulutly beautiful!! I love slipper chairs and wish I had some just like these! Love them!!


  7. I can totally see why you were drawn to these chairs at the auction... they're fabulous!! And what a wonderful transformation!! Love the colour of fabric you chose.
    Victoria @ DesignTies

  8. Wow, those look stunning. I love the shape of the chair, and the fabric is gorgeous.

  9. Gorgeous! I have been dying to get some chairs recovered but am always too overcome by sticker shock. You may have convince me!

  10. Those chairs turned out gorgeous!I love the fabric and the white legs.

  11. Wowza those are some dreamy chairs! Just out of curiousity, how much was the fabric and how much did the repholstering cost (I know it can be expensive...)

  12. I am linking to this post tomorrow thanks to a little purchase I made! My husband thinks I'm crazy!


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