Friday, July 24, 2009

A Surprise Gift

While at the beach this past week Tamey came down for some time on the sand with a long line of children in tow. (And I mean long, seven of them!) When she walked into the house my eyes caught sight of a colorful bag on her shoulder. "Your bag is great, where did you get it?" Tamey's reply, "a garage sale." Well, that is a garage sale I want to go to!

After a fun visit Tamey and the kids headed out. Following the goodbyes, my brother and I were walking back to the house when I noticed he had the bag on his shoulder. He passed it to me. "Here, it's yours."

That is Tamey. Besides being thrilled with the unexpected gift I was touched by the spontaneous act of generosity.

Certainly made me stop and think...


  1. That was incredibly sweet of her. Very telling as to her loving and kind nature. Enjoy your new gifty!


  2. I love a good friend. They make life a whole lot easier and more fun!

  3. Lucky you! Tamey is a keeper!


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