Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Stitching My Way Through Late Night TV

My TiVo is getting cleared out as I sew the rag quilt pieces together, into the late hours. This reminds me of the years I worked in fashion, when sewing late into the night was not uncommon...getting next season's samples ready for the reps or fixing a contractor's mistake on an order so it could be shipped the next day. When I think of that stress, it is an absolute pleasure to work on this rag quilt...practically like being on a holiday!

The first three rows (twelve squares across) are complete, nine more to go. Soon after beginning to sew I realized that making each square 8", as opposed to smaller, was a very very good decision.

Putting the sewing aside until later, I'm off to pick up the finished slipper chairs from Keplers. How exciting! Marvin tells me they turned out wonderfully, here's hoping I agree. Look for pictures tomorrow...


  1. Loving it! And I can not wait to see those chairs!


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