Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look What I Saw In The Shop Window

I just returned from picking up the slipper chairs...I adore them! Here is a sneak preview, sitting on display in Kepler's window.

Walking into the store I overhear a woman inquiring if they were for sale. That certainly made me smile. Friends would probably be amazed I didn't sell them on the spot...items tend to revolve in and out of my home on a fairly regular basis. But the chairs have to at least get into the house before I can think about parting with them!

No time to take photos now...but will post more tomorrow, showing the chairs in the family room and bedroom.


  1. Ooooh, those are adorable!!!

  2. OHMYSTARS! Scrumptious!
    Now, where is this upholstery company again????

  3. Kepler's is located in Tigard Oregon's Old Town at 12511 SW Main. 503-639-7012. I couldn't be happier with their workmanship...Janell

  4. OMG!!! if u part with them I got first dibs!

  5. Those are way too cute! I want one!

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