Saturday, July 25, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Chandelier Trim Design

"Update: This project is attending Kimba's DIY Day at A Soft Place To Land!"

Ah, finally, some progress to report on one of my projects!

Back when the Girl's Dream Bedroom was started the ceiling paint was extended down onto the walls a few inches, to create the look of crown molding. Below this trim line a chandelier inspired pattern was be painted around the perimeter of the room.

After hanging the wall mirror yesterday (we decided to leave it gold rather than refinish with another color, and it does work), I started the task of painting the trim design. The pattern is being traced and hand painted onto the wall. A similar look could be achieved with a stencil or by applying decorative wall decals.

How many linear feet of this design is left to paint?! One option is to run the design around the room in a continuous pattern. The second is to paint a random pattern, leaving a few blank spaces here and there. Because the random option would be significantly less work I am going to try that approach first...I can always go back and fill in the skipped spaces!


  1. Love the crown molding look and the chandelier design. You are one talented lady! And I agree, I think the mirror looks super the way it is.


  2. ooh la la! I like it a lot! I know Isabella is loving her room!

  3. I second the ooh-la-la! I love the look. Can you elaborate on why trace and then hand-paint in lieu of stenciling? Just curious. Thanks. I really, really love this room. :) I also love the photo of the mirror where you can see the reflection of the pretty chandelier.

  4. Hi Suzanne, good question! The walls have some drywall texture and I want the lines of the design to have sharp, clean edges. I have not found a way to use a stencil and achieve this, the edges tend to be uneven. Perhaps I don't have the right tools, stenciling would certainly be faster wouldn't it!
    Thanks for asking...Janell

  5. Very creative - love the crown molding look and the chandy design is gorgeous!

  6. very cute idea! it gives me ideas!!!!

  7. We've talked about my daughters' roombefore. I love this stencil. Do you have a pattern that you could post? How tall & wide is the stencil? PERFECT. Thanks. Jen W.


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