Thursday, June 11, 2009

More Little Details In The Girl's Dream Bedroom

Hey...who went out and bought all the black and white floral knobs from Anthropologie!? I stopped by the store this morning to return the styles I won't be using and to pick up a couple more of the knobs selected for the night stand. To my surprise all of them were gone. Well, I was perturbed! I certainly hope they are making someone very very happy.

So I looked for another design and was delighted to come across a style that coordinates beautifully with the first. In retrospect, I like that the pair on the closet doors are slightly different from the knobs on the night stand. I guess I now owe a thank you to whoever bought up all the others!

While there I also scoured the sale table and found this small gold frame with a lovely leaf design. Every room needs a framed photo, and this one will find a home on the desk to be placed at the foot of the bed.

Speaking of the desk, I need to show the furniture plan for this room...which was conceived to address the challenges presented by the layout of the room while accommodating a queen size bed. Has anyone wondered why a girl's room is being designed with such a large bed? Next time I'll explain why...


  1. Oh that was me I needed them for my black cabinets!!! Just kidding, but I am going to look for some for my cabinets. I'm terrified to have black cabinets! I found a nice black SW "Tricorn black 6258", but I can't decide on a nice neutral color that will work well with it so I can have red accents. Maybe I should stick with a creamy white for my cabinets....

  2. I had a feeling it might be you! Good luck making you paint decision, painting the cabinets black would be very very dramatic (like the photos you posted), white would be more versatile...either way I'm sure you'll make it look fabulous! Janell

  3. Well, shame on whoever did that to you, Janell! But, you are right, in the end it worked out... I like the idea of having a similar (not the same) design on the doors. Wish we had Anthrop. near us. ps - I haven't forgotten to send new pics to ya - I'm just not done yet as everything was put on hold for awhile... now I'm back on track! Hope to be done soon.
    Take care, Nikki

  4. Hi Nikki, yes, can you believe the nerve? Can't wait to see what you have done...send photos when you get a chance! Janell

  5. I absolutely adore Anthro knobs. I wish I can put them on every surface of the house, but they do run a bit much to use on kitchen cabinets. Instead, I use them on every other pieces requiring knobs. Love the choice you made.


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