Friday, June 26, 2009

Master Bedroom Retreat - Artwork

The last time I posted about the Master Bedroom Retreat I hinted about a future project relating to the area taped out above the bed frame. The tape was used to determine the dimensions for a long and narrow canvas to be custom ordered from French Canvas. This single large piece of artwork will be the final touch for the sophisticated retreat.

The canvas arrived, but a blank canvas can be very intimidating... I called in my reinforcements to help jump start the project.

I know who has the real talent in the family! (This is actually fun. Go to Michaels with your 40% off a single item coupon, buy yourself a canvas, and see if you can create a little personal art yourself!)

Yesterday I swung by the client's home with the art in progress, to make certain it worked in the I have to say I felt extreme relief at how great the canvas looked in the room. It is a focal point that pulls the room together. This Master Bedroom Retreat is nearly complete...looking forward to showing the final result, as soon as I finish the painting!

Okay, the clock is ticking, just two more days to enter my Summer Primer Give Away! Just leave a comment on the Give Away post below. Good luck! Janell


  1. Amazing art--from the sneak peak! I can't wait to see the end result!! Did you buy the ring pull knobs separate? I am looking for some to update my buffet??

  2. Thanks! You're asking about the knobs from Anthropologie? They can be purchased separately, online or in the stores. The knobs I selected cost about $8 a piece, a bit pricey, but if you only need a few they can provide a lot of style for the money! Janell

  3. Is that Isabella doing the painting?!! WOW! Tell her she's HIRED!

  4. Yes, she's good...and luckily my client didn't flip when she saw I had help! Janell

  5. Wow it's starting to take off, looking great. Have a look at cheap canvas prints for some decent canvas at great prices!


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