Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Looking For An Upholsterer? Here Are The Key Questions To Ask...

The refinishing work on the two slipper chair frames is complete. Don't they look a hundred times better now that they have been painted?! I am particularly happy that I added the warm metallic accents, compliments of my new favorite product Rubn'Buff.

Now off to Kepler's they go to continue their beauty makeover.

As I drove to Kepler's this morning I thought "what are the key questions someone should ask when looking for high quality upholstery work"? I decided to get an insiders view and asked one of Kepler's owners, Marvin, what you should be asking. Here is his advice on what to look for and ask.

Experience! Ask how long they've been in business and take a look at other pieces being worked on. Then ask how the piece will be rebuilt, which of the old materials will be replaced and what materials will be used to do this. You don't want new fabric simply put over padding and other materials that have seen better days! If the furniture has springs they should be retied...eight way hand tied with jute twine. If you'll be using fill, Royal Cluster is a top of the line fill product that won't become lumpy. (Please, let's try to avoid that!) For seat cushions a high quality foam is Qualex, which is firm and won't lose it's shape as many lesser quality foams will. Have you decided to go top of the line with down fill? A good mix is 25% goose down/75% duck down. The duck down helps the cushions stay 'lofty' rather than become flat. Finally, prior to your new fabric being placed on the piece of furniture, make sure 100% cotton padding is used to cover the newly tuned up interior.

And to this I would add, discuss the project in detail to ensure you and your upholsterer share the same vision for how the finish product will look!


  1. Very nice blog, found your blog thru Sylvi, Little Cottage. Had to check it out as one of my daughters middle name is Janell. Many Blessings, Erin

  2. Nice improvement on the chairs. As a matter of fact, they look great in the room in the new color and finish.

    Very nice work as usual ;-)

  3. good advice lady! I'm thinking about purchasing an old Duncan Phyfe sofa and having it redone for my living room.

  4. Very nice blog and very nice chairs. I like them just the way they are, with the fabric and all. But taste can be so differant so it's ofcourse best to follow your own heart :)
    But they look so vintage when you painted them white. Beautiful :)
    Love, Noe Ullent.

  5. Love the blog it looks great and this post has been really helpful, I've noted your tips and will put them to use!

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  6. Oh how lovely these are, thank you for the ideas!


  7. Great ideas, really love the abstract art patterns! Need to do some more work like this!

  8. Love this, must take some upholstery classes!
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  9. Fabulous, where can I get some like this?
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