Monday, June 15, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Furniture Plan

The dimensions of this bedroom seem okay (10'x16') until you start to bring in furniture and then few arrangements look right. The challenge is increased due to the presence of the queen size bed.

As to why a young girl has such a large bed in her room? There is no guest room in our home. To accommodate visitors I decided to maximize sleeping possibilities in both Isabella's and Max's bedrooms. Max has two twin beds and Isabella has the queen. When friends and family come to visit, Isabella bunks with Max and this room becomes the guest bedroom. A good solution!

And as for the layout, long and narrow rooms are particularly hard to place furniture in. Add in the door, closet and windows and the options narrow even more. I love symmetry in a room and this furniture layout was the best way to achieve it. Additionally, I wanted to add the chandelier. With only 8' ceilings this would only be practical if a piece of furniture was placed below it...that or the adults in the family would have to deal with a bruised head from time to time.

Up next, finding chairs and a desk to complete the layout. Tonight I am going to my first auction in an attempt to buy a pair of slipper chairs, which, if I am successful in my bid, will be refinished and reupholstered. I also have a few ideas for the desk, but one thing at a time!

Finally, did the fabrics in the pictures catch your eye? A set of reversible placemats and a table runner are being made from these happy happy fabrics, for my first ever Give Away ! Perfect for summer entertaining. Keep tuned for more information on when and how to enter!

Wish me luck at the auction!!!!! Janell


  1. I never questioned anything you do as far as your designs because I know that you know EXACTLY what you're doing! As far as the fabric, you had me at hello (or fabic)! I loovvee fabric! I'm so excited for your first givaway!

  2. P.S
    Can't wait to see your chairs! I know you'll get them!

  3. Great idea to maximize space in the house overall for guests! Good luck on the auction! ITA those fabrics are yummy!

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  6. Just going through some of your old posts... I love how this room turned out, so it's fun to see how it started...


  7. How do you graph a room to size on graph paper. I have seen this done by many people but no one ever says how they did what they did, that's always left out of the how to process.

    I can only think that measurements are taken of the room and divided by the paper size with room for a border and everything is brought down to scale by dividing it down the same number the room was brought down to fit the paper. Really it's the only thing I could think of and even that sounds complicated.

  8. It is really very simple, I should have mentioned this in the post! Each square is equal to one foot. Measure the length of the room, so 10 feet is 10 squares. Do this for the width, then measure items in the room and add them. A 24" wide night stand would be two squares, etc. Good luck using this method, it really does help you understand what can and can not fit into a room.


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