Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fine Fabric & Home Fancy

...what a perfect tag line for Tamey Helmers's new store called 'Aunt Tam's'. I attended her opening celebration last night and was inspired to see her vision come to life. When I first saw the store concept on paper it certainly was more than the "little fabric store" she had described it as, and it has been rewarding to see her ideas executed with such success. Here is more of this delightful store. Warning: upon entering you simply cannot stop yourself from smiling!

Fabrics, bedding and clothing ideas in the Girl's Bedroom.

The Nursery Scene, dream about the new baby...or your friend's!

The Boy's Bedroom...a log cabin! You can order one of these cabins complete with tin roof for your own little cowboy. (Don't get any ideas, Max!)

And a few more details, an Amy Butler purse and Little Sniffles Gift Cards in an old jewelry box...Tamey, congratulations!! You have inspired me to think about another shop of my own, one of these days. Here's to great success, you deserve it!

(Take note: If you are in the area visit Aunt Tam's at 1207 SE Rasmussen Blvd in Battle Ground, WA., and a website is in the works at! In the meantime, find many of the fabrics shown here at


  1. oh Janell, what a wonderful introduction of your friends fabric store! I love it. And...your slide shows of your kitchen and family room make me hate my home even more! Just call me JEALOUS!!!

  2. We made it in a few days after opening, and it has to be the most adorable shop in our area.

  3. Have you ever thought about featuring your friend in the magazine?!?!?!


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