Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auction Chair Progress - The Morning After

Indecision. I woke up this morning and just wasn't sure I was happy with the finish on the chair frames. A trip to Michaels was already scheduled, so I decided to see if anything there provided the inspiration I needed.

Look what I found! Rub'nBuff...The Original Wax Metallic Finish. What a great product. I bought a tube of both the Silver Leaf and Grecian Gold.

I went back and forth on whether to use the silver or gold. But after pinning on a bit of the Slubby Linen in Robins Egg that I used for the room's headboard, which is the same color as the velvet selected for the chairs, the gold became the easy choice. This final (we'll see) finish looks so pretty with the turquoise, and will be perfect with the gold accents already in the Girl's Dream Bedroom. (The old fabric still on the chairs just kept throwing my decisions...covering it up helped!) I think the metallic wax was the finishing touch the frames needed.

Next time, more painting, but on a canvas. In a moment (when I wasn't thinking straight) I offered to do a painting for a client's room. Now I'm feeling the pressure!

And talk of pressure, just 4 more days to enter my Give Away! Just sroll down and leave a comment to enter.


  1. I love rub and buff. It is so easy to transform pieces with it. Cannot wait to see the end result of the chairs. I know they will be fantastic.

  2. The color in the photo looks silver? I love checking everyday to see your progress!

  3. The metallic finish does appear silver in the photo...good observation! If you click on the image when it is enlarged you'll be able to see it is indeed gold...
    Thanks! Janell

  4. Did you paint the chairs white first, and then used rub and buff? Am digging the idea of this product for a chair I am about to redo.

  5. Yes, I painted first then applied the rub 'n buff, which is a fun product to use! Good luck! Janell


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