Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Modern Powder Bath

Okay, the week is coming to a close and I have no significant progress to report on the bedrooms. Next week should be a busy one for both rooms, but for now I'll share photos of a powder bath I designed two years requested by Suzanne! I love this bright and cheerful little room, and it was a delight to have it featured in the HGTV Ideas magazine, in the Spring 2008 issue. The article was titled "Powder Room Posh", and talked about how you can go big on design in little spaces! I have to agree!

The design started with painting the room Devine Blade, by Devine Color at, a wonderful pale green. On the back wall a hand painted floral pattern was applied in white, inspired by a colorful wallpaper by Neisha Crosland. This treatment makes the room, along with the vintage chandelier found at a local store here in Portland, Three Monkeys on 23rd St. The day I was shopping for light fixtures and spotted this one I was beyond thrilled, one of my all time favorite light fixture is quirky, fun and beautiful all at once. I wish I had several more of them!!

Below sits a dresser, which was in rather sad shape until I refinished it with the bright white paint and painted the hardware black...this combination brings an updated feel to the piece. The retro San Francisco print, which was found at Z Gallerie, provides a fun splash of color. More colorful artwork hangs on adjacent walls, quick sketches inspired by a whimsical fabric seen in a magazine.

On the opposite wall, above the towel bar, I hung a fun bird motif plate by Thomas Paul, and a striking mirror from Crate & Barrel graces the sink area. As I have gathered these photos together and described the room's elements, I see that many are not pieces you would traditionally consider putting in a powder bath. But then again, why not? This is a room where you can just have fun decorating to your heart's content!


  1. I love your simple explanations. Most of us see your finished product and wonder, "How did Janell do that?" Your step-by-step article makes it seem achievable. Thanks!


  2. OMG! Thank you so much, Janell! And...I'm so sorry I'm 4 days late. Oops. How did I miss this? Now I have to go back and read and look at your pics. I shall return. Thanks again. :)

  3. I do love it! My favorite is the chandelier. Oh, and the wall color. Oh, and the dresser...oh, and get the idea. ;-) Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  4. I'm in love with the dresser & wish our bathrooms were large enough for a piece like that. Your colors are awesome - I really need to think outside my normal comfort zone! Thanks for the inspiration. ☺

  5. wow - that dresser is SUCH an amazing piece! looks wonderful :)


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