Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage Lamps Find A New Home

The vintage lamps that have found a new home in Isabella's bedroom once belonged to my grandmother. I remember them from when I was a girl, visiting her house. While they are a bit funky, the pink roses and gold trim are sweet and the lamps carry many happy memories from another time and place. I believe a room is always enhanced when an item or two are brought in that have personal history.

The lamps were in working condition and the wiring may have been fine, but when it comes to old fixtures it's best to not take chances! I took them to Naomi's, a shop in Lake Oswego. In addition to selling lamps, shades and light fixtures (it's here I found the chandelier for this room), it is a great place to get old or broken fixtures brought back to life.

The ladies at Naomi's rewired the lamps in just a few minutes, and then it was off to Lamps Plus to look for new shades. (Naomi's is an outstanding source for shades, but for this room I needed a bargain!) I came up short at this first stop...found the right shape but it was too wide. I was searching for a simple design to downplay the rather old fashioned lines of the lamps. The next stop was Pottery Barn, where I found a pair of silk drum shades lined with a gorgeous metallic finish. The cream shades are simple, modern and fit the lamps perfectly. With this the shopping was finally over for the day! (Tip: take the lamp with you to try on various shade options...and save a trip to the return counter.)

When selecting shades the bottom line of the shade should just cover the socket while not obscuring the top of the lamp base. Lamp harps come in varying heights, to get a shade to fit a lamp at the right point all that is needed is a shorter or taller harp.

Next, I am on the hunt for night stands, which must have at least two drawers each and cost next to nothing!


  1. very pretty lamps. I have an old bowl that my grandmother kept fruit in (but only during holidays), and once I finish my kitchen I plan on keeping fruit in it everyday!. it brings back memories of my childhood. I love personality in a room its just like adding another layer.

  2. Nice lamps!! Looks like they found a lovely home!

  3. Hi Janell...

    What pretty lamps and I love that they have special meaning to you...that makes them even sweeter! Thanks for the tips for getting the right sized shade...I think it's something that not everyone thinks about!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. Hi Janell! those two lamps are just so cute! And they look right at home now.


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