Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Success With The Headboard Frame From eBay!

I wasn't so sure about the outcome of this headboard project when I saw the small, rather tattered, box it was delivered in. Upon opening the package my first impression didn't improve. The headboard was folded in half with rough planks of wood, for the legs and center brace, screwed to the back of the headboard. Did it even have all the hardware and pieces I needed to assemble it? But Isabella was excited it had arrived, so I figured I had better start acting hopeful!

Luckily, once the headboard was unfolded and put together (everything was supplied and there were no assembly issues...what a relief!) I began to see that there was potential for a successful outcome. (Want to try this project yourself? Find Foam N More Upholstery Inc. on eBay.)

The first task was to wrap the headboard with a soft lining, enabling the finished surface to be smooth. Then I needed to figure out how to place the fabric on the headboard so that it would conform to the curved shape, while keeping the fabric grain straight. This was trickier than I had anticipated. My plan had been to seam the fabric at the points where the curves met to help the fabric mold to the shape, but soon realized this was not going to work. I considered placing the fabric on its bias...but there wasn't enough fabric. Finally the solution I settled on was to create a pleat running at an angle from the low point of the curves down towards the lower corners. This approach allowed the fabric to stay on grain across the width of the frame while also conforming to the contours of the frame. This little tailoring detail ended up enhancing the overall look of the headboard...a nice bonus!

The rest was simple...the legs were covered separately and attached to the headboard, and then the entire frame was bolted onto the bed frame.

The fabric works perfectly in this room (Slubby Linen in Robins Egg from Calico Corners) with its color just a shade lighter than the walls. The second set of drapes are finished and have been hung on the window behind the bed. The drapes on these windows are double width so that they can be pulled closed and still fall with beautiful folds.

Next many projects to choose from...I think a shopping trip to find a chandelier would be a fun outing for this upcoming weekend. Hopefully something is just sitting out there waiting to be found!


  1. I'm loving the headboard. And I'm loving the color scheme of this room, and the overall feel I'm picturing this room to become. Very "grown-up" for this little girl! Oh, did I mention that I love Calico Corners, too? :-)

  2. Thanks for the feedback...the color palette is testing my eye! I am hoping to handle all this color without it spinning out of control. With 10 more years of having my girl at home ( that all!?) my hope is that the room will prove to be one that can grow with her, needing only minor updates from time to time! Janell

  3. I made a headboard using plywood, batting, fabric and nailhead trim and it turned out great. It's so nice when your plan works out. My blog has the details and I too got my fabric from Calico Corners - that place is awesome!

  4. It was so worth it for her room--everything looks great.

  5. So lovely! I would've loved to grow up in a bedroom like this.

    where did you order your headboard?

  6. From eBay! Though now I'd just make one...a sheet of plywood, foam and batting, cover with fabric! Thanks for asking...Janell


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