Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Headboard

I have the winning bid for a headboard on eBay! This is my first purchase, so I'm very excited. But when I stop to realize I was the only bidder...perhaps I shouldn't be?

Oh well. This bedroom design calls for an upholstered headboard, which can get pricey. I don't have the time or skill to make the frame myself, so I searched on eBay. This frame is the result and I have high hopes it will be a great product. (From Foam N More Upholstery Inc.) Looking at the picture, hum, it really doesn't look so fabulous. But, I am fairly confident an upholstery job will transform it. The padded headboard and legs will be covered with a beautiful textured linen from Calico Corners called 'Slubby Linen' in Robins Egg, a color a shade lighter than the wall color.

The room presents some challenges when it comes to its furniture plan. It is long and narrow, measuring 10'x16'. Being slightly obsessed with symmetry, the only arrangement I found satisfactory is to place the bed in its current position below the window. It is not ideal. I don't like furniture blocking windows, but when the bed is turned with the head on the left wall the room gets weighted to that side. So below the window it stays. With this in mind I selected this curved shaped headboard, which will leave most of the view exposed.

Hopefully all the materials will be here within a week or so, things will go smoothly and I'll have a wonderful result to share!

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  1. First purchase on eBay? Wow. This looks to be the beginning of another great transformation. Best of Luck!


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