Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Drapery Hardware & Panels

After running into a few stores and shopping around online for drapery hardware, I finally ordered these wooden rods and finials from JCPenny. I found very few options in my search, which surprised me. I wanted simple white hardware made of wood...no extension rods! (With extension rods each time a panel is closed they catch on the spot where the rods fit together, an annoyance in my opinion!) Actually JCPenny is a great source for drapery hardware and their selections tend to be very affordable, especially if you catch a sale (who isn't running a sale these days!) and search on Google for any available coupons prior to placing the order.

The only downside was that the hardware color was a bit too white for the room. Once the rods were installed they didn't look so great against the rooms creamy trim and ceiling color. After looking at it for a bit, wondering if I could live with the stark contrast, I realized a light brushing of the ceiling paint color onto the wooden hardware would probably fix the problem. It worked, taking just enough of the starkness away, enabling the hardware to blend into the background. Also key was installing the hardware so that the rod lies just above the line where the wall and ceiling color meet, so as to not break the continuous line around the room. In addition, having the rod hung higher creates an illusion that the room is taller, with the drapes extending nearly to the ceiling.

The drapery panels are so bright! The fabric is 'Lock' in Hot Pink from Calico Corners. I have wondered if the light turquoise version of this print, which would have blended in with the walls, should have been selected. But when Isabella saw the drapes she loved them, so I am very happy with the choice. The panels themselves could not look happier, that is for certain! Wow...could you be unhappy in this room?

So far only one set of panels are complete, but the second is coming along. In the meantime, I am hoping to find quality looking roller shades to mount inside the window frame. A fun trim will be added along the bottom edge to dress them up. Does anyone have a suggestion for a great place to find such an item, on a budget? If so, please let me know!


  1. there are two things that I wish I had: a little girl and a bestfriend (or talent)like you. Can't wait to see the finish project!

  2. Hi. I am not in a creative writing mood tonight, so I would like to say "ditto" to what L.Duncan said! ;-)
    Also, I would like to see a better shot of that vintage and modern bathroom you have over there on the side. Pretty please? Loving the light fixture and the color. Thank you!

  3. Well, one of these days when I have no progress to show on these bedrooms I'll do a blog about the "vintage modern" bathroom...and may everyone's wishes come true! Janell

  4. Hi Janell !!

    I Love Love Isabellas room and plan to duplicate it for my daughter...How many yards of fabric did you use for her drapes ? Also what other color do you suggest that will go with Tiffany blue walls ?
    Thank you


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