Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Power of Paint - Master Bedroom Retreat

Did you know paint can lift ceilings? I am thrilled with the first step in the master bedroom retreat project. The decision to continue the Mocha Accent paint beyond the line where the walls meet the tray ceiling, up to the crown molding, has visually added more than a foot of height to this room. Measuring 17x16, this is a good sized bedroom, but when I first visited the space it felt smaller because the ceilings appeared low. It was as if the ceiling height stopped where the wall color stopped. Deciding to leave the remaining ceiling surface white also helps to expand the height of the room and helps to keep the space from feeling dark. As a bonus, the corner windows also appear less crowded now that there is visually more room above them.

So success on task one, next lighting!


  1. As always that color is such a wonderful choice... eager to see finished room.

  2. Wow it really does visually raise the space up! Love the color choice btw!

  3. that's an amazing perception. thanks for sharing it.


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