Thursday, April 30, 2009

Master Bedroom Retreat - Lighting

Finding just the right lighting for this master bedroom has been key in achieving the design goals for this room. This room is to be a crisp and modern space, while at the same time containing a sense of warmth through its organic elements.

With that in mind, I was absolutely thrilled when I spotted a pair of lamps at Home Goods that captured both modern and organic design aspects. They remind me of a wonderfully unique item you'd find at some chic boutique, such as Cielo Home at, a delightful store here in Portland. It was with mixed emotions I sent this photo to the client for approval, if they weren't so perfect for this bedroom I would have been very tempted to keep them myself!

For the ceiling light fixture we have selected the Criss Cross pendant by George Nelson. The experience of choosing this fixture reminds me of the understanding that you are not supposed to pick the first item seen when shopping, whether the desired object is a dress or a house. This classic bubble lamp was the client's original choice, but prior to making a final decision we looked at another dozen or more fixtures. It was a worthwhile experience, I discovered new fixtures that I can't wait to use elsewhere and we know for certain the right decision has been made. This pendant is very modern yet has a natural feel, the shape conveys the sense that its design was inspired by a shell or flower.

While at Home Goods, I also found this large sunburst mirror that will be hung over the dresser. The size and shape are ideal for this room. The gold finish...not so ideal. But why should this minor detail stop progress. Just imagine the mirror with a finish similar to the lamp base, perfect! So, no guessing required to figure out what my next project is going to be...


  1. What...I love that mirror. i am so mad at homegoods right now I could kick their door and run...

  2. That mirror is so unique. Would like to see how you are going to change it. I know for sure that after your magic touch it's gonna look awsome.

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