Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Adore Turquoise!

The budget forced a pass on the Mia nesting tables, (see "floor plan" entry below) but their gorgeous turquoise color inspired me to find another way to bring this happy color into the family room. With a simple palette of creams and browns, a splash of turquoise will look great in this space.

With a paint deck in hand, off I went to the paint store and came away with a quart of Sherwin-Williams Drizzle 6479. Looking for something to paint I found an unused tray tucked away in a cabinet, originally black, that had the potential to be transformed.

First the tray was sanded and primed, then two layers of the new color were brushed on. I wasn't exactly sure where this project was going. One idea was to cover the turquoise paint with a layer of silver leaf, rubbing away some for a chic rustic look (is there such a thing?!) Then I remember the "wallpaper" pattern I recently worked on and it was traced onto the surface of the tray. A mixture of Sherwin-Williams Universal Khaki and silver paint filled in the pattern, followed by a very thin wash of the turquoise and silver paint (mixed) to give the entire surface a soft sheen.

Perhaps this tray will find a home on the coffee table. Trays are a great place to stack magazines, books...and remotes. Attractive AND neat! This tray also works lining the back of one of the shelves. (I need to get started on accessorizing the bookcases!) A short glass vase filled with white flowers, placed in front of the tray, would look beautiful here and bring a bit of spring inside.


  1. So pretty! Well, you and Jen know what I'll be up to this weekend!! I'm looking at an old red tray right now...

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  3. Very cool accessory and it looks perfect in your great room. Did you freehand the wallpaper pattern or use a stencil?

  4. Hi Michael! The pattern is laid out on graph paper so I traced it onto the tray and filled in the design with a small brush. It is nice to occasionally realize my years of studying painting was not a complete waste of time!? Janell

  5. Love your blog. I always read it.your work is extremely beautiful.
    What kind of slilver paint did you use? thanks

  6. Thanks S! The paint is Painter's Touch by Rust-Oleum, the color is Platinum. I also love their Fool's Gold color. I have a can of each and find myself reaching for them for all kinds of projects. This paint is available at Home Depot. Janell

  7. thank you so much.I will try to get it today.I'm going to paint a small wooden box to put it in DH's home office. please keep on wrting.

  8. Hi Isabella!
    Thank you for dropping by Bloggeritaville and becoming a follower. I am so appreciative of that and love new friends! I am working on my button still. The code is up now on the sidebar but I cannot get my browser to copy it. Shoot. What I did was to right click and save on the computer. Then go to your layouts and clcik add a picture and post the Bloggeritaville picture from where you put it. Does that make sense? Hope to have the glitches worked out soon.
    What great thrifty Thursday finds! I love those trays, so beautiful! LOve those treasures! Thanks for linking up, friend!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  9. Oh wow, I love this color too, and have to force myself to use other colors :)

  10. Beautiful tray...I would be proud to display it on a coffee table.

  11. I have a new passion for that color and I'm starting to use it as an accent. It really adds some punch to a design. I bought the color in a spray can and walk around the house with a 'what can I paint now' attitude. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  12. I love the color and I adore the design you painted on it, the geometric is so hot now, especially in a large scare, love it...I am a new follower..come visit me I would love to have you


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