Monday, April 27, 2009

Girl's Dream Bedroom - Paint

Again, the amazing abilities of paint. What else can you spend less than $100 on and see such a change in a room? (Labor not included!)

This beautiful turquoise color is from Sherwin-Williams, Watery 6478. This color choice was inspired by the colorful fabrics selected for the room. (All from Calico Corners: 'Shalini' floral print by Anne Selke, 'Lock' geometric print in both Hot Pink and Splash, 'Lovely Lattice' in Jungle, and 'Key West' in White/Pink). The original plan was to apply a silvery glaze over the paint, but with all the pattern and color planned for the room it was decided this step was simply not necessary. I love decisions that eliminate work!

Prior to painting, Frogtape painters tape was run four inches below the ceiling line. After painting the walls turquoise, this tape was removed and another line of tape was applied just a fraction below the new paint line. The white ceiling color was then extended down over the top four inches of the wall surface. This adds very little work to a paint project, but brings a lot of interest to the room, visually creating the effect of a crown molding. And by the way, I am in love with this new (for me) Frogtape product by Shurtape! The sales person at Sherwin-Williams suggested I try it, claiming the paint lines would be much sharper with little to no bleeding of the paint. They were right. It certainly made a project such as this one much more successful with less effort.

Below the trim line a pattern, designed to mirror the look of crystals hanging from a chandelier, is being painted throughout the room. The pattern is being traced and hand painting onto the wall, but the same effect could be achieved by using a stencil or by applying decorative wall decals.

Next, I am on the hunt for white drapery rods to hang the exuberant pink and white drapes, and I'll show you the lighting decisions made for the master bedroom retreat. Until then...


  1. The room color is gorgeous!! Is the trim SW Soft Tan like the kitchen/family room? I love how you did the top of the wall/ceiling! I can't wait to see more posts!

  2. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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