Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Girl's Dream Bedroom - No Boys Allowed

Another new project I have just jumped into is inspired by happy colors and lively patterns. It is my daughter Isabella's room and I am thrilled to finally be designing this space for her. Initially we lived in a one bedroom apartment in San Francisco and there was no room for a nursery. Over the years we moved on to homes with enough bedrooms for everyone, but other projects took priority...oh, and then came the Disney princess phase, I just couldn't get inspired to put that room together! Now Isabella and I actually seem to be on the same (design) page. While sourcing fabrics we put together a story for the room that we both got excited about. I do, however, expect some differences of opinion as the project proceeds. She has a great eye and her own opinions that don't always agree with mine!

This before picture was not staged (to look worse)...I shot it today as we were running out the door to meet friends at a park. It's a bit of a mess to say the least, though to quote her "if there was more storage I would have a place to put things!" True, so more storage is one of the goals for the space. Yet I think before we 'break ground' I should have her sign a contract, pledging to make an effort to keep the room clean once it has been completed!

Projects for this room are:

1) Cover the walls with pale turquoise paint followed by a watery silver glaze
2) Paint a chandelier inspired motif border at the ceiling
3) Bring in side tables with storage
4) Place a desk and chair at the end of the bed
5) Hang drapes made from the pink and white lattice fabric
6) Make bedding from the various other fabrics shown in the photo
7) Hang a chandelier
8) Find new lampshades and rewire the vintage table lamps (my grandmother's)
9) Hang mirrors and a framed cork board to pin all her various drawings, notes and papers

Additionally, I plan to upholster a headboard, add a rug to brighten the floor and bins for more storage in the closet. Okay, I'm tired just writing about it because I know who is going to be doing all the work!

This is a room inspired not only by Isabella but the arrival of spring and its gorgeous riot of color. It is the type of project you look forward to working on through the warm summer months, and I suspect it will require the length of summer to complete. Wish me luck!


  1. I love your process of mini-projects list-making. It makes the entire job of a room makeover seem achievable. Great post Janell.

  2. Beautiful color scheme for Isabella's room! I love the fabrics! Looks like she is following in your foot steps with her design/drawing ability.

    By the way, your kitchen/family room makeover turned out beautifully! Nice work!

    I am in the middle of decorating my living room. Actually, as I speak, the wood craftsmen are making the built-ins that will flank the fireplace. I used Devine's Cocoa on the walls (inspired by your bedroom from Rate My Space).

    I just love your blog! I look forward to reading it every day. Thank you for sharing all your design ideas! They are truly invaluable!


  3. I'm so excited to follow this next project of yours. I look forward to reading your blog everyday!!

  4. The plan is beautiful...can't wait to see your updates on progress!

  5. Hi there, I found your blog through 'Rate My Space' and I LOVE the fabrics you're using in your daughter's room. They would go perfect for what I'm planning for my own daughter's room. Can you tell me the names of them and where to find them?

  6. Hi Matt and Kari,
    Absolutely! The fabrics are from Calico Corners, www.calicocorners.com. The geometeric prints are 'LOCK' in Hot Pink and Splash. The floral print is 'SHALINI' in Ivory/Raspberry. The green lattice print is 'LOVELY LATTICE' in Jungle. Finally the bamboo lattice print is 'KEY WEST' in White/Pink.
    Good luck with your daughter's room! Janell

  7. Cute cute cute! Love the colors! I can't wait to see how this room develops!

  8. This is such a lovely room for a lovely girl. I am in awe of your design talent, and wish that I had even a smidge of it. I was wondering if you could tell me the paint color/brand that you used? My daughter would like her room painted this color. Thank you!!

  9. Thanks! The wall color is Sherwin-Williams Watery 6478.

    Good luck with your daughter's room! Janell


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