Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kitchen Nook Drapes

These drapes make such a difference in the breakfast nook, adding coziness and warmth to this corner. The drapes work very well here because the drapery rod was extended an entire foot beyond the door frame on each side, a bit wider than drapery hardware is usually installed. This was done because the extra width allows the drapery panels to be pulled back past the slider opening, allowing easy access in and out without having to push back the drape every time someone passes through.

Another issue with drapes hung at a slider is that it is hard to get the width of the drapery panel just right. If a typical 50-54" panel is hung it can look skimpy when pulled closed, but using a double width panel measuring 100" results in having too much fabric bulk when pulled open. A good solution is to have custom drapes made. For these custom drapes a 52" width of an oatmeal cotton/linen fabric was used for the center panel with 12" wide panels of brown cotton/linen sewn along each edge. The oatmeal and chocolate colors coordinate perfectly with the roman shades, while the 76" width provides just enough fullness when closed. It can be quite costly to have custom drapes made, but if that is not in the budget anyone who can sew even just a bit can probably handle a basic drapery project.

All the chairs have finally been refinished and every room can benefit from a bit of candlelight! These gorgeous 'starburst' hurricanes are currently 50% off at Crate&Barrel. I have had my eye on them for awhile, so was thrilled when I found them deeply discounted!

Another furniture option for this space, which would bring in a nice contrast to the rectangular island, would be a round table. Yet another option would be to turn the table, with its long length parallel to the nook window, and place a bench along the wall for a cozy seating alternative. Ballard Designs has an upholstered bench that would be perfect, in many fabric options, 36" or 48", from $350 to $900. To look at all the fabric options for the Coventry Bench visit

Finally, I think a series of framed photos or artwork running below the window sill would look great here...I don't know if a space is ever really done, at least in my house! I am constantly moving things around and trying out new ideas.

Next time...televisions and the reality that they are often a big part of the function and design of a room.


  1. Absolutely stunning with the drapes!! Everything looks so pulled together!! I have anxiously waiting for your post, checking everyday, so was thrilled today when I saw there was a new one!!

  2. I've been a fan of yours since I first saw your bedroom on RMS and I just discovered your blog. You have amazing talant for one, but I love that you give detailed descriptions on your projects. I hope to "borrow" some of your great ideas and incorporate them into my own home. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I too, am a huge fan like the others! You are so helpful and give amazing details. They are so very much appreciated. I also love that you find bargains and look for deals -- then pass them along. Boy, how I wish you were in So. Ca.! Thanks for all of your lovely posts. Please continue to share your tremendous talent, mentoring and incredible creativity. As always, I love how you are able to frame your children's art. It's so endearing and beautiful.

  4. I love love love everything you do!!! I too anxiously await your posts. please keep them coming because they are very inspiring

  5. I remember making that comment (above) and now thinking back, I wonder why I never commented before! I've been reading your blog since January and all I did was read it and wait til the next post. I now understand how exciting it is to know that someone is out there! I really love your blog and I hope to continue reading it for years!

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