Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - The Little Details

This glass base lamp is unexpected placed on the kitchen countertop, providing soft light in the early morning hours, when you want a chance to wake up with a cup of coffee before turning on the bright lights. The clear base and ivory shade blends into its surroundings. By Victoria Hagen for Target, a great bargain for the style and quality at $49.

An adorable napkin holder adds cheerful style. $19 from Anthropologie.

A little bird sits on the kitchen nook window ledge, looking out. I couldn't leave the store without him, with a broken leg I carried him away for $6 from Calico Corners. A bit of super glue mended him just fine.

Candlelight brings warmth to any room. These striking Starburst Hurricanes are on sale at Crate&Barrel, for $49, limited quantity remaining. Turn off the lights and dine in beautiful, soothing candlelight.


  1. love the lamp, janelle! i'm on my way to target right now...

  2. I love the accessories! I can't wait to see full room pictures if you decide to post!! Your blog is addicting!

  3. Thanks! When the room is FINALLY DONE...yikes, hopefully that will be soon, I'll post a bunch of photos.
    For anyone looking to purchase the lamp, I got my online, at The one I saw in the store was missing its lampshade. Ironically I ended up switching the shade it came with anyway (too 'delicate' looking for the kitchen) with this shade I found at Lamps Plus.
    Later! Janell

  4. Hi Janell -

    Funny story I wanted to share with you. I went to Target today to get the cute lamp and when leaving ran into a neighbor of mine. We were chatting and she saw the lamp in my cart and long story short, we both love and follow your blog!!

  5. JenV, they say it's a small world! How funny...what would have been even funnier is if she had the lamp in her cart as well! Thanks for sharing! Janell

  6. Janelle,
    I was walking in to buy the lamp... Sure enough, my neighbor got the last one! I know it will be beautiful in her house so I'm happy she got it. I'm not giving up though, I'm heading out to the other side of town to try another Target (with a sick child in tow, eek!) Pretty sad, I know, but I really love that lamp! Wish me luck!

  7. hi, janelle. wondering if you might suggest a paint color for our kitchen walls. they are currently a tuscan yellow. our cabinets are painted a taupe color. we are unable to replace our cabinets until at least next year and i have come to despise the tuscan yellow. is there a good color choice for our walls that would compliment the taupe cabinets or am i pretty much married to an off-white if we opt to change the wall color. i tend to like neutral shades, cool, calming colors.
    thanks for any suggestions.

  8. Well we can't have you despising something in your home! Is there a color on an item in the room that looks good with the cabinets and surroundings? This could be anything, a dish, a color in a photograph, etc. Look around and perhaps you'll find the answer. Without seeing your kitchen any specific color suggestion from me would be a shot in the dark, but if you like cool soft colors how about a pale, barely there, green. Good luck! Janell


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