Friday, March 27, 2009

Family Room Furniture Plan

I am anxiously awaiting two Lisbon sofas that have been ordered for the family room. Van Gogh Designs is a new resource I've found and I am the test client!
Go to to see more offerings, from the ultra modern to traditional. Placing two large sofas here maximizes seating. Additionally, I like the impact and sense of order that two identical (and large) pieces of furniture brings to a room. Prior to buying furniture make certain it will fit in the space! Do this by drawing up a floor plan to scale or by outlining dimensions and placement of the items on the floor with tape.

For this space I had envisioned a sofa that reflected the strong lines present in the new mantel design, yet had some curves. The Lisbon sofa meets both these requirements. To stay true to the limited color palette of the redesign, the sofa fabric will be a warm taupe with chocolate lumbar pillows.

Originally a coffee table, from the Chicago apartment my husband had when I first met him, was to be refinished for this room. However a client had a beautiful coffee table, perfect for my family room, sitting unused after a move. We worked out a barter and the first option is now being used in another project. This weighty hand scraped wood table is very large, but as the floor plan shows is just the right size to function as a coffee table for both sofas. With high ceilings in the family room using larger scale furniture will make the space feel cozy.

For the side table tucked between the sofas, this wood and metal table is being brought in as a budget friendly solution. It was on sale for $59.00 at Target. I do love Target! However, if I wasn't watching the $$ to keep this project on budget, these gorgeous turquoise Mia nesting tables from Mitchell Gold would be on order! Turquoise is becoming the color of the season and would add a great dose of color here. Find the "Acacia-Top Metal Side Table" at and the "budget, what budget?!" option at

Finally, an accent chair. One possibility is this streamlined version of a wingback chair, another item from Van Gogh, perhaps in a colorful solid. Another idea is to find an interesting chair to refinish and reupholster, I will have to see what I come across when sourcing some local shops.

In the meantime, while the sofas make their way to my home, it's time for the final touches. Some fun and colorful fabrics are on order for accent pillows and I have several other small projects to help wrap up this project in high style.


  1. I have tried to create links to the websites I mention...but seems I have missed an important step! I'll keep trying to figure it out, or perhaps I'll even ask for some help!! Janell

  2. NOTE: It appears that furniture from Van Gogh Designs is only available on the very far west coast of the US. I've emailed the California rep to see if we can get it here in Texas, but it does not appear that it is available east of California. I'll post her response when I get it.

    Lynn DeLisse
    Plano, Texas

  3. The Van Gogh Designs rep emailed me immediately to say that Van Gogh Designs are available online through I'm very excited. Thanks, Janell, for turning me on to another reputable upholstery supplier. I used to use Norwalk Furniture, but they have gone out of business unfortunately.

  4. You are welcome Lynn! I hope to receive my first pieces from them within a couple weeks...if the quality meets my expectations I'll be placing orders for a couple clients right away!

  5. Curious of the dimensions of your coffee table. It looks taller than most.

  6. Hi Jillian,
    The coffee table is large, which works wonderfully with the two 89" sofas. It measures 36"x58" and is 19" tall.

  7. I too love to shop at Target for lovely and beautiful furniture!! It provides best option for home furniture!!

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