Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - Wall Paint Color

The painting is done and I got in a good workout painting the high walls in the family room! Purdy has a great line of painting tools, including an extension pole that attaches to their roller, which makes painting tall spaces fairly simple with a bit of practice.

The paint colors for the walls in the kitchen and family room were inspired by the greys, taupes and browns in the granite. The kitchen is painted Sherwin-Williams Universal Khaki 6150, which is a beautiful soft grey/taupe. For this room I wanted a soft 'silver' tone that would be just dark enough to provide a contrast against the light cabinetry (Softer Tan 6141). The color for the family room is one step down the color card from Universal Khaki to Quiver Tan 6151. This room was originally painted Dapper Tan 6144 from the previous card in the deck, so very similar. Quiver Tan, however, is a richer and more complex color. It reads brown yet has sophisticated grey undertones. The kitchen and family room colors work very well together. Being adjacent on the color card the colors are very similar creating a cohesive look, yet have just enough difference for a bit of interest.

Selecting paint colors can often be an exercise of trail and error. However, there are some guidelines to help ensure a successful outcome. First of all, it is virtually guaranteed that the paint chip that looked so promising in the paint store will look completely different once you get it home. Rather than running back and forth pulling options it would be worth your time to purchase a paint deck, often around $10. With a whole range of color options available to look at in your space you'll increase the odds of selecting successful colors. Choose at least two options to sample and paint patches of the color on the walls to look at in different light. It helps to paint these test patches on more than one wall as the color will look different depending on how the light hits the different walls. Need color inspiration? Look at colors in artwork, fabrics or finishes that will be in the finished room and see what colors look great next to these items.

Next time, window treatments...I've selected the fabric and excited to be moving on to the accessory phase of this project!


  1. Great job! Looks beautiful!

    How were able to "cut in" when painting the high ceiling in your family room? Did you use scaffolding? I can't imagine getting on a tall ladder and climbing up and down every few feet to cut in the walls. I'm a bit fearful of heights!

  2. This is were husbands and fathers come in handy! Luckily there was not that much edging to do...Thanks! Janell

  3. Your granite is beautiful! The paint colors you chose go so well! Would you mind sharing what color your granite is? Thanks!

  4. Hi Jack and Annie, the granite is Venetian Gold...are you working on a kitchen redo? Janell

  5. I love the color above the family room. Is that Universal Khaki or Quiver Tan? I've painted half my house with Wool Skein on the same strip, but I'm afraid Quiver Tan will be too dark. It looks great in your space. Do you have more pics of your other rooms?

  6. What is the name of the color of the moulding around your fireplace? Our cabinets are a horrible burgundy wood stain that I'd like to paint lighter. Yours are gorgeous!

  7. Hi Kelsey,
    The mantel is painted Sherwin-Williams Softer Tan 6141. It is a darker cream, but works here as all the trim in the house is painted this color. If you are looking to paint your mantel I would select a paint color that is the same or coordinates with the trim color in your home.
    Good luck! Janell

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