Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - Roman Shades

I have been dragging my feet on this next project because it involves dusting off my sewing machine. There are still the occasional drapes (and children's costumes) I find myself sewing, but several years in the fashion field pretty much cured me of a love of sewing - too much of a good thing! However, when I received the quote for the two roman shades for the kitchen and nook windows...ouch...I figured it was time to learn how to make these myself.

If I had the right supplies it wouldn't be that hard, I thought. So I Googled "how to make roman shades" and found a company called Shadescapes, at By typing in the measurements for the windows I was able to order a made-to-measure kit. The kit includes a pattern, lining, mounting board with hardware attached, tube tape, weight rods and cord system. Today this kit is being put to the test as I launch into my first attempt at making roman shades.

I considered several fabrics for the shades, but kept coming back to the Thomas Paul fabric I adore, Aviary in Earth. Available through Calico Corners, at This fabric will add a punch of color and whimsy to the room, while the brown and tan colors will look great with the cabinetry, countertops and flooring.

My hope is that I don't have to come back and say things have not gone well!! Wish me luck...


  1. *** "I T*H*I*N*K that I shall never see,
    a person w/ less PATIENCE than me!!! ***

    That's what "YOURS TRULY" THINKS, Nellie!!! CAN'T WAIT TIL YER DONE & we all get to see "the finished product"!!! It'ss be a show-stopper, no doubt!!! (Sorrrrrry, girlfriend... you know the saying "GOD grant me paitence... but HUSSY!"?... I "penned" that! (Ha!)~

    Linda in AZ *

  2. *** (OOOOPS!!!!!!! Correction (~~~ GOD grant me PATIENCE, but HURRY!... More smiles, Me


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