Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - Flooring

The last major (household disrupting) project of the redesign has begun. My family could not be happier! Today the hardwood planks with cut ends (which had bordered the carpet) were removed to prepare for the weaving in and extension of the hardwood into the family room. I am a big fan of the same flooring running throughout a space, as this tends to visually enlarge a space while allowing for a more flexible furniture plan. In this space the carpet cut into the kitchen area at an angle, which created an awkward division between the rooms. The hardwood is from Kentwood Floors, which can be found at, and the style is called Copper City.

To prepare for this project I pulled up the carpet and pad. As it was virtually new and in perfect condition I posted it on Craigslist at It now has a new home in a children's playroom. Craigslist is a great place to recycle items from a remodel, for sale or to be carried away for free. Another good place to take materials and items you'll no longer be using is a Habitat ReStore, were you can donate items to be resold. Proceeds from Habitat ReStores help local Habitat for Humanities affiliates fund the construction of Habitat houses within their community. So a very worthy cause.

This project should be done by tomorrow evening...if not I'll owe my husband and kids a really great dinner out somewhere!


  1. If I had had your carpet and floor, extending the wood would never even have occurred to me! Was it "easily" done in your case because your wood floor is recent? I'm wondering how feasible this is in an older home. What a fantastic result. Good for you for researching it and making it happen.

    Looking forward to more of this transformation - didn't realize you were painting and changing accessories as well. How exciting!!

  2. Are you happy with that floor color? Does it have a lot of red in it or is it more muted and brown? I have brought home numerous wood floor samples and they all end up looking too red with my furniture.

  3. Hi dirt girl, ideally I would opt for wood flooring that had less orange or red in it (depending on the time of day it reads differently.) However, it is the flooring the house came with and I am making it work! If I had my choice I would select walnut wood flooring, gorgeous brown tones with warmth but little red or orange undertones. Another more budget friendly option is stained oak flooring. A client did this in her home and it is gorgeous, I am doing a quick blog this project soon. Thanks for your questions...


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