Friday, February 27, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - The Finish Line is in Sight!

Despite all the shows on TV showing complete transformations within a matter of days...if not reality projects can inch forward at a speed that can even test the patience of a designer! This project is on schedule, originally estimated to take three months it is now entering week eight, though it seems longer and feels as if it should be wrapped up by now.

The second roman shade, in the delightful Thomas Paul print, has been hung. In front of it hangs the new light fixture, a floor sample purchased from Crate&Barrel. It had been marked down twice, so even though it was not the right finish for the space, the design was great therefore I decided to refinish it. Primer and paint transformed the finish to mirror the finish of the island pendants. The interior of the shades were originally gold, which made the fixture appear gold once again with the light turned on. A couple layers of silver metallic paint applied with a fan brush corrected this, and the shades now cast a warm silver glow that works with the other finishes in the room. As a bonus, once this light fixture replaced the original "builder special" fixture that hung in the nook, the island pendants suddenly didn't look so bad. So, for now they will not be replaced, as was the original plan. Someday I'll stumble across a couple of fabulous pendants that will be the perfect replacements, but until then these work just fine.

So what is left to do? I am a huge fan of refinishing and repurposing and the kitchen nook chairs, which after several years of use are looking a bit worn, will be refinished. Currently black, the chairs feel a bit heavy in the space. They will be painted a lighter tone, similar to the cabinetry color. For the family room, a coffee table that was once in my husband's apartment when I first met him is being brought in and refinished. I have also found a new wholesale source for upholstered goods and have just ordered new seating. With the fabric selected for the sofas I can now make a decision on the fabric for the nook drapes. Finally lamps, side tables and a rug will be being brought in from our previous family room, and the last project will be to accessorize the bookcases. The goal is to be complete by the end of March...that date might be pushing it. We are hosting our neighborhood potluck then, however, so it would be nice to be able to have a finished space (and seating!) to welcome people into our home!


  1. OMG, what a difference a little paint made! I had to look at the pictures twice! I'm totally impressed! Love your new roman shades too! ♥ Diane

  2. What a grand idea. I stumbled across your designs on Rate My Space.Com and was thrilled to find your blog. Very detailed and such great advice. I have been on the hunt for light fixtures that resemble the HUNDI Bell Jar lights at pottery barn. I would love to find something that mimics them but re-finish them as you did yours. Whats the best paint to look like a brushed nickel or the color you did:)))

  3. Hi T-ann,
    Thanks! I think the best approach to refinishing surfaces is to apply multiple layers of paint. Start with a primer, then a base color followed by a layer(s) of metallic paint rubbed on with a cloth. For a brushed nickel finish I would start with a grey paint followed by layers of a metallic paint that has the tone you are striving to achieve. You might have to mix paint colors together to get the right effect. Usually there is some experimentation in refinishing surfaces, so approach it with a let's see what happens attitude. Be willing to make adjustments as the project proceeds to get the final result you are looking for. Good luck in your search for the light fixtures! Janell

  4. I love your design, please tell me where you can purchase the Thomas Paul fabric, if you made the roman shade yourself and what color the wall is. Thank you for your help and love what you are doing.


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