Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kitchen & Family Room Redesign - Cabinetry Nearly Complete

With the painting of the cabinetry boxes complete it was time to take down the protective coverings. I couldn't resist...getting to the house before the painters were scheduled to arrive I just had to tear away a bit of the paper covering the backsplash, to get a hint of how the elements of the 'new' kitchen would work together. Very exciting, like opening a big present! I was thrilled with what I saw, particularly how beautiful the subway tile looked with the painted cabinetry.

The result is elegant and fresh, creating a brighter environment than the space looked previously when there were dark wood tones throughout. The subway tile is a shade lighter than the cabinetry, and this works because the grout color used matches the cabinetry color. This ties the two elements together. When creating spaces using a lot of whites, it works to mix various shades to create more visual interest, creating dimension where things could start to look flat. I also chose to keep the island the original wood finish, as the stain color here was a good match with the floor. This choice creates a more custom look than if the island had also been painted white.

Now to the family room. The painted built-ins now meld perfectly with the adjacent feature window and allows the family room to relate wonderfully to the kitchen, creating one large cohesive space. No longer do the built-ins fight the other elements in both rooms. Eliminating their very dark wood tone, which was significantly darker than the other wood tones in the rooms, brings brightness and a balance to the space.

And yes, something is missing. The mantel. As I mentioned in an earlier blog the newly built mantel was scheduled to arrive last Monday just before the painters began work. This deadline was missed...sometimes artistry cannot be rushed (?) and I adjusted the plan to work with this delay. The mantel is now being primed and painted off-site. It is scheduled to be installed tomorrow, followed by a final layer of paint on-site. So, work does not always proceed as planned! Being flexible and open to alternative schedules will create a lot less stress on a project... if you can approach it with at least a bit of zen like attitude.

Next time I'll post pictures of the completed cabinetry, mantel progress and talk about cabinetry hardware. The painting of the cabinetry doors is actually ahead of schedule, and are slated to be hung this week instead of two weeks from now. I am excited to see the final result, and to again have a fully functioning kitchen!


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  2. Hi Janell,

    I have 2 questions what finish did you use for your cabinets satin or semi gloss? And I used toasty 6095 on sherwin williams color deck in my living and dining rooms. What color do you think could possibly work in my kitchen that would go with that? I absolutly love your kitchen and family room and was thinking about the universal khaki

  3. Hi Lakeitha!
    The finish on my cabinets is Semi-gloss. I looked at Toasty 6095 next to Universal Khaki and I don't think they are the best combination. Toasty has a very warm undertone with a touch of peach, whereas Univeral Khaki is cooler with a bit of a gray-green undertone. If you are looking for a lighter color to coordinate with Toasty consider Lightweight Beige 6092 on the same card, or Kilim Beige 6106 on card 16. With that said however, if you really like Universal Khaki buy a quart and test it in the space to see how it looks! Good luck!! Janell

  4. Thanks Janell. I see what you are talking about now. I love how you can look at a color and see other colors in it! I guess thats why toasty goes well with my burnt orange pillows! Thanks again for taking the time to check out the colors.

  5. Hi Janell-

    I have been looking at your blog for months and I just love all that you have done with your home. I have oak cabinets that I really want to have painted. Everyone thinks I am crazy! I am wondering about the durability now that it has been a few months. Would you do it again?

    Thank you,

  6. Hi Michele,

    In a heart beat!! The paint job is wearing fabulously with no problems at all.

    I think this is the case because I had it professionally done by a team of painters that are known for great work and take pride in what they do. The cabinets and boxes were sanded, primed and spray painted. People who have seen the cabinets have a hard time believing they weren't always this way. Let me know if you have any questions as you consider having similar work done on your cabinets!

    Thanks for asking, Janell


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