Saturday, February 14, 2009

Completed Flooring

The completed hardwood flooring is gorgeous. Having the same flooring throughout the space allows the family room and kitchen to flow together beautifully. It is undetectable where the new and old flooring meet, due to great workmanship on the installation and a very good product match.

A bit of research had to be done to get the new flooring to match the original product. This house was built prior to a change in the production of this particular hardwood from Kentwood Floors, with the new product having fewer hand-scraped indentations. Luckily the company I worked with on this project, Super Floors, was able to track down enough older stock at a store within the region. When extending prefinished flooring it is very important to confirm the new flooring is a perfect match with the old. Do this by checking a current sample against the older flooring. When extending solid unfinished wood flooring a seamless look can also be created by weaving in new boards into the older existing flooring. The older flooring will then need to be refinished at the same time the new flooring is finished on-site. In an older home make sure there is enough thickness left on the original flooring to handle being sanded, as it probably has been refinished previously.

It is so great to have the big projects completed, and to be able to say goodbye to the contractors! Next time, paint colors. The kitchen was painted prior to the cabinetry work so all that is left to paint is the family room...and for the sake of the budget I am doing this job myself. Should be fun!


  1. Wow! The floors are gorgeous! I can't wait to see you continue finishing the design of the rooms. It's such an exciting process and I think you have done such a wonderful job thus far!

    By the way, where did you get your counter stools in your kitchen?

  2. Thanks jomc! The counter stools were found at Hip Furniture in Portland, OR., a few years ago. To see what they currently carry go to Design Within Reach also has a great selection of stools, but the prices seem a bit 'out of reach'! Thanks again for your feedback...Janell

  3. Fabulous!! Thanks for the info on the floors as well.


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