Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Painting Progress

The work on the cabinetry continues and is progressing on schedule. However, the process is truly creating a mess! I would encourage anyone having similar work done to make arrangements to stay elsewhere for the duration, as I quickly decided to do once the painters got to work.

The good news is that I can already start to see how the space will look, even with just the white primer applied. I love the change and can't wait until the workers leave and I can get in and!!


  1. You are a life saver. I am purchasing a house with the exact same granite as your kitchen and I was at a total loss as to what to do with it. What you have created is simple, clean, comfortable and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your fabulous ideas which have allowed me to adapt them to my kitchen. I totally enjoy your photos and your aesthetic. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and please, don't stop blogging. Lynn DeLisse, Plano, TX

  2. were the cabinets spay painted? And were the inside of the cabinet and shelves painted?

  3. were the cabinets spay painted? And were the inside of the cabinet and shelves painted?

  4. Hi Allure50,
    Yes, the cabinets were spray painted after being sanded and primed. The interiors were not painted...are you considering painting some cabinets yourself? Thanks, Janell

  5. Thank you for answering my question about spray painting the cabinets. I am planning on remodeling my kitchen,- I want to to paint my cabinets, and replace everything else- counters, backsplash, floor, appliances, and lighting. My question is should I paint first or replace everything first? Can you help me ? In what order should I proceed? Is painting less expensive than replacing? What is the average price for painting cabinets by professionals? I live in the Westchester area of New York. Thank you.

  6. Hi allure50,
    I would paint the cabinets last, and painting is less expensive than replacing cabinets in most cases. Are your cabinets in good condition? The painters I used charged $45 a linear foot, and you can't touch new cabinetry for anywhere near that price.

    If you would like further assistance please contact me directly through my email, I work with many clients long distance, consulting them on various projects. All the best with your remodel! Janell

  7. Hello again! I am devouring your blog!

    I'm curious what color you painted your kitchen cabinets? I'm thinking about painting my cabinets, but there are so many different options of white, that I am paralyzed! I don't want anything too stark, but that still leaves about 1,000,001 different colors (of white) to choose from.


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