Friday, January 2, 2009

Kitchen and Family Room Redesign

Time to get back to work after a long holiday break. I am very excited to kick off the new year with the redesign of a large open space that encompasses a kitchen, nook, family room and a powder bath. I am also excited because it is my own home and I have been looking forward to this opportunity to rework these spaces, with the goal of infusing a big dose of style!

Although many people have said there is nothing wrong with the space, my eyes see everything that could have been better thought out when the home was built, or how I would have designed it from the start. In addition, some problems did occur during the production and installation of the kitchen cabinetry and those issues will be addressed. Also, the design of the family room mantel and built-ins are a complete more corrections to be made! I am very glad to say I negotiated a decent settlement with the builder to help fund this project! :)

Through a series of projects my hope is to add a sophisticated calm to the space. Currently the space feels chaotic. There are too many different wood and trim finishes, and an accent wall painted darker than the surrounding walls emphasizes the odd ceiling angles. Other issues are a backsplash that is visually busy against the counter tops, a limited and awkward traffic flow due to the patch of carpet set in the family room, the generic light fixtures and poorly accessorized built ins.

The projects to be done are:
1)Refinish/paint cabinets
2)Rebuild or build a new mantel to match style of the surrounding built-ins
3)Replace backsplash
4)Paint walls
5)Paint "Wallpaper" treatment in powder bath
6)Add mill work around large openings and crown molding in kitchen
7)Replace light fixtures
8)Add window treatments
9)Replace carpet in family room, extending hardwoods to visually tie together the spaces
10)Refinish kitchen nook chairs and table
11)Accessorize built in shelves
12)Rework furniture plan

The new backsplash tile has been ordered and work is scheduled to begin in 2 weeks. I have contracted a very talented trades person to help with many of the projects, along with other subs, though I will be doing as much as I can myself...with the aim to complete the project prior to funds running out!! I estimate the project should take about 3 months to here's to having my household disrupted for a good part of the remaining winter! Yikes...

In the meantime, I have recently seen some great products out in the market place, so looking forward to showing you many of my favorite finds in the next weeks as well.

Here's to a very Happy New Year for all!

The photo above shows the start of this transformation...a simplified palette.


  1. I can't wait to see the project completed!! Your work is beautiful!!!

  2. I like the new palette. The built ins and fireplace seems awkward so that should be nice when that is worked out. Good luck.

  3. You mentioned a powder that completed too? If so, do we get to see it?!?!?! :)

  4. Wow, someone is paying attention!

    No...I didn't get to this part of the project. I simply ran out of steam after three months, and $ to do it right and stay on budget for the rooms.

    At some point I will get to it, and am thinking wallpaper would be great in there!



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