Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Gift of the Season

I just have to brag, I am sooooo excited about the first gift I have received this holiday season. Yesterday I picked up the mail and there was a small package from Kenneth Brown, you know, the absolutely extremely fabulous interior designer! Inside was this measuring tape shown in the photo...and if you have read my previous post "Shop Like a Pro" you know I always carry around a measuring tape. Now I will do so in complete style, with my new measuring tape sporting the Kenneth Brown logo. And incidentally, I will now probably find even more reasons to measure this and that while shopping, hoping someone will notice my "designer" tape measure!

Okay, now it is confession time. I unfortunately do not have the pleasure of being personally acquainted with Kenneth Brown. Rather, a year ago I joined his fan club...because I am a huge fan of his work. (In all my life I have never been a member of a fan club, so hard to believe I am now...but for him I can make this exception.) His work is modern, yet warm with a bit of his southern charm thrown in. If you have never been to his website, check it out at His work inspires.

It is snowing in Oregon today, so now heading out to enjoy this rare occurrence with my family...another great holiday gift!

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  1. I've seen just a few episodes of Kenneth Brown's show, Redesign and wasn't that impressed. The rooms I saw seemed formulaic and "theme-y". But I figured that if you were a fan, I must have missed something so I checked out his portfolio. I eat my words. Wow. Very inspired rooms in a range of styles and palettes. Why did I think that Kenneth Brown = safe monochromatic beige and brown rooms? Thanks for giving me this opportunity to discover his talent.


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