Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Master Bath Redesign...Vanity Lighting

More beautiful lighting! This master bath's two craftsman style vanity fixtures were replaced with two stunning, clean lined fixtures. These new fixtures were chosen for their strong architectural design, which have a wonderful juxtaposition against the floral lines of the chandeliers. All the fixtures have the same antique gold finish, which is why these two lighting styles are able to co-exist in the room so well.

Next time...window treatments have arrived and I have found the PERFECT accessory for the niche!


  1. Those fixtures are stunning!! Wherever did you find them (if I may ask)? I'll be looking for show stoppers similar to these when we redo our bathroom in the Spring. You're making quite the speedy progress.

  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for your comments! The lights were found at www.destinationlighting.com, style #249967.
    Good luck,

  3. Beautiful!! Wish you lived near me I am just eating up all your designs. We have very very similar tastes!

    I am curious how did you get the new fixtures to come out of the mirror?? It looks fabulous and is something I would like to achieve in my master bath!

  4. Hi Jack and Annie...love this name, my kids LOVE the books by this title! Anyway, the vanity lighting was wired followed by the installation of the mirror which had holes cut out in the appropriate places. Janell


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