Saturday, November 1, 2008

Master Bath Redesign...Paint

"Update: This room was completed a year ago and I love it! Check out all the details of the finished project here. Today it is attending Smiling Sally's Blue Party!"

As I've said before, I think paint can often transform a space. I am banking on it in this room! I believe the major problem with the design of this bath is that the same tile was used everywhere...on the floor, vanity counter top and shower surround. It is simply too much! Used in such quantity, this somewhat average tile, becomes the room's major statement with a lackluster result. So, my goal with the paint is to bring in a bold and beautiful surface that draws attention away from the tile and it's volume.

In choosing the paint color I pulled out the greys present in many of the tiles. Because the colors are in the tile, I was virtually certain the paint color would work, (and again, help neutralize the tile's overwhelming presence). BUT, it is always a good idea to test a color before making a final decision.

The walls have two layers of color, the first a solid coat, in Devine Color's Storm. This is one of Devine paint's incredible colors, a deep rich grey with undertones of blue. Next a second coat was layered over Storm, using Devine Color's Rain. This layer was applied with the Ralph Lauren Linen Brush, in long sweeping strokes, creating a striea strip effect with bits of the first color showing through. Quite a bit of labor involved, but the result is worth it, a finish with a depth that a single color would lack. I am mulling around the idea of adding a third layer in Devine's Fog...(got to get all the Winter elements included here)...but holding off a decision until I see how the next steps of this redesign move forward. When working on a design I think it's smart to be open to possible changes as the work progresses!

So, the paint is working, next, one of my favorite design tools!


  1. The wall treatment you did seems to echo the finish on the fixtures. Love the paint colours you chose - very sophisticated. Incidentally, Devine Color should hire you - you first sold me on their paint colours with those gorgeous "Coco" master bedroom walls. Divine, indeed! Wish I could get their paint easily in Canada. Looking forward to your next step in this project.

  2. I clicked on the pictures, Isabella, so that I could see the striea effect. Oh my, how beautiful! Happy Blue Monday.

  3. I have always wanted to try a strie effect, and yours is beautiful. Looks like you are off on the right foot for sure!

    Happy Blue Monday...


    Sheila :-)

  4. What a lovely transformation. I hope you are having a great Blue Monday.

  5. Ooo, it's beautiful. I just love it.
    Happy Blue Monday..and have a fun time decorating.

  6. You did a great job repainting and redisgning the room it compliment the place.


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