Thursday, November 13, 2008

Master Bath Redesign...Mirrors

This mirror, which serves as the room's dressing mirror, was recently found at a tremendous discount. (See earlier blog, "Buy the Floor Model...Save $$$"). So when it was first hung and the frame's finish didn't quite work with the other colors and finishes in the room, I had no problem deciding to tweak it's finish. The same process used on the chair frames was repeated here, with one additional paint layer, a light brushing of the room's wall color. This was done so that this mirror, which admittedly is a bit over the top, starts to fade into the wall. The final result works, bringing drama into the room without overwhelming other elements around it.

Now for the large plate glass mirror at the vanity. Can't get any more basic! The original plan was to remove it and add two smaller framed mirrors above each sink. However, when the cost of removing the mirror, drywall repair and price of replacement mirrors were added up it didn't make sense.

So on to Plan B...Mirror Mate. This is an awesome company offering a great line of frames designed to fit right over an existing mirror. Go to to see all the available styles and how easy it is to order and install. The edge detail on the style selected (lower of two samples shown in photo) for this project is very similar to the finish on the vanity light fixtures. Perfect! The result will be gorgeous, bringing a finished custom look to the mirror.

(A decision on which style to use was just made today, so unfortunately this part of the master bath redesign will not be complete for a couple more weeks). So...while we wait, next time I will talk about plans for the small WC adjoining this bath, a space that I am excited about doing something really special in!!

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  1. I think it's very smart to leave the oversized mirror. I don't understand people putting the tiniest mirrors in the master bath. This is where you get dressed and dolled up, people. Don't you want to see as much of yourself, front and back, and head to toe, as possible?


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